Rain, rain, go away

Well, that settles it, I definitely feel worse when it's raining out. I feel like I weigh a ton, can barely raise my legs and arms and my pain levels are through the leaky roof! Sorry, but I had to vent. Woe is me.:(

Love to all,


Thanks, Lovett. I feel like all of us fibromites may be best suited living in a hermetically sealed, temperature and humidity controlled bubble made of goose feathers! Thanks for bearing with my vent. :) Sorry you felt bad yesterday.


Yeah, with these rheum conditions you feel storms coming in. Barometric pressure drops, pain increases. It sucks. I can wake up feeling ok, then if a storm rolls in the pain goes up and I need more meds. Keep warm. Hunker down. Change plans. Find joy in simple things. Laugh more laying down, it stimulates the hormones to control anxiety and pain. Know you are loved.