Is anyone else in Arizona having a bad flareup from the monsoon activity?

The weather is such a big trigger for me. The monsoon is just wiping me out with pain and fatigue. I know we need the rain here in the desert but I feel like I'm been hit by a truck.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, allergic, I'm so, so sorry!!! That's got to be awful! OMG. Rain is a trigger for me too. I hope it ends soon. It's funny that an "invisible" disease certainly reacts to the weather.

I don't know what else to say except take whatever pain meds you can and sleep. Hopefully your weather will change soon.

I feel sorry for you, too, avenk. That weather is awful! I would say the worst, except cold and rainy is even worse.

Please take care of yourself!

Thanks. I went to bed last night and didn't crawl out till 14 hours later. Not that I got any restorative sleep. You know how that is? Summer is torture here with the sudden storms. I try to stay away from the pain meds but when it gets this bad, hey, what else is left? and just pray the weather clears out.

I do know how it is. Ugh. I would hate to live in a place with a lot of summer storms. Just more fibro torture. I totally feel for you. I'm glad that you have the pain meds. Do they help you at all?

Yeah, I hope the weather clears out too. This killer heat and accompanying storms is terrible.

You know, a good anti-inflamatory diet was the biggest help with the pain levels, but's not enough. I try to stay with the natural approach but I always have a bottle of Tramadol on hand. Because I don't take it often, when I do, it really kills the pain for at least four hours or a little longer. My stomach doesn't like it even if I take it with lots of food. I take it a few days in a row and then I have to stop. I've tried mostly all of the prescriptives. Heck, the rheumy docs will give you just about anything you want. Also, I'm real limited to what I can take with meds and herbals because of the von willebrands bleeding disorder. Some of the herbals that have anti-inflam effects also affect the clotting. I'm SOL, I guess. One doc offered me an rx for MJ but I researched it for use on fibro and it seemed really negative or ineffective for helping with fibro. Plus my one friends, who has fibro, had an totally bad reaction to it. It fired up all the nerve endings. No thanks. Sometimes you just get tired of being a self inflicted guinea pig. :")

Ah, didn't realize you have another complicating medical issue at hand. That stinks!!!

Don't exactly know what MJ is - Michael Jackson? ;-) However, I'd NEVER want to take something that could possibly fire up all of the nerve endings. You're right, we're guinea pigs for fibro because doctors just don't know what to do.

LOL, I'm sorry...MJ is short for maryjane, ya know cannabis, marijuana, wacky weed. Petunia,you just made me laugh so hard. Thanks, it always makes me feel better when I laugh.

:-) :-) :-)

I halfway kind of wondered if you were trying to get Propafol, the stuff Jackson used. Goooooooooooood stuff, LOL!

Ah, wacky weed. So it fires up the nerve endings? Wow, who would have guessed? Glad you didn't get your Michael Jackson then! ;-)

Don't know really, no one had much to say on the discussion about it. Maybe they're afraid uncle sammy's watching. :")