Pain increase with hot weather

Does anyone else have fibro pain increase when the weather gets hot or humid? These last few days have been almost unbearable with pain and the only thing different is it has been hotter than H***

Yes, I feel worse in hot, humid weather. Feels like someone has kicked me in the back. i also am a lot more fatigued in this weather and need more sleep. And before I had the window a/c unit I install, I had really bad sinus headaches, to boot. If I was dealing with just the fan, forget it! I'd be in agonizing pain.

Yes, totally worse, extreme hot or extreme cold, or humidity increases my fibro pain and chronic fatigue sets in. I live in AZ so right now it's triple digits, so I avoid being outdoors unless I have to. Stay in the air conditioning, at least you can adjust the temperature. It's the pits.

Mon dieu, triple digits! Three numbers to the thermometer...anything from the 90's on up is bad enough...triple digits...Ugh, allergic. I sure do hope you're doing okay,as I know last weekend was a real doozie for you. I also hope that poor Eeyorelover is okay, I know she's been in awful pain too.

Gentle thoughts and hugs for the both of you and for JeriH too.

The humidity is tough to take, it drains me, but nothing is worse than cold to me, I really suffer in the winter!