How many got here by way of a car accident?

I see so many who also had a car accident kick all of this into high gear. The third time I was rear ended was the time my life changed and all of these problems started piling up! Who else?

I will answer for Renie, as I know she was one!

I was in a bad car accident at age 15. i was not driving but on the passenger side where we got hit and the car was totaled. i was also in another where i was rearend by a semi at a stop light.(age 17). i do know things got alot worse after these. but it was over 10 years later that i got my dx of fibro

As bad as fibro is, and as bad as being in a car accident is, you were both very lucky!

Steph, a friend of ours had Doctored for years, but until she went to my Rheumatologist no one could figure out what was wrong with her. She suffered horrible headaches, body aches too, but especially her head. Many Drs stopped seeing her as she could never get enough pain meds into her to ease the pain. He determined that the accident she was in, in her teens when her sister hit a tree, had injured/affected her head at the brain stem. She also goes to a pain management clinic and they treat the pain.

Wouldn't doubt if she doesn't have fibro and arthritis too, because she still sees him.

i cant believe no one has a reason for her pain. i bet she does have fibro. i am glad she is getting help

SK see if you can get hold of a book by Pall called explaining unexplained illnesses. it’s expensive but you may be able to borrow it. Pall talked about an overwhelming stressor as being one of the factors that may precipitate this comdition. Cheers Barb

My heart goes out to you, Laura, that is what kicked all of mine up! I just never got over it!

I think I have mentioned this before but I was in a serus car accident in 1997 and had severe, life threatening head injury. But I made it! Yippee. LOL. Anyway, I was also in a couple of other minor accidents but all were so far removed from the time I started having fibro symptoms bad enough to send me to the doctor that I don’t know if it is related or not.

IMHO, I think trauma is always related. My Rheumatologist teaches that fibromyalgia is a condition CAUSED by chronic pain. I know that Renie, and Punkin were also involved in pretty bad accidents.

I hope that you are feeling better every day and that the suregery was a total success!

Hey, it was nice to hear from Punkiin, huh? I missed that little spit fire! ha!

Yep, she is a pistol. Feeling better but so tired cuz I have been overdoing it (as usual).

Still remodeling the house? Wish I had your energy, girl!

Not exactly. I am trying to get the cabinets clean in preparation for sanding and painting but it is extremely slow going- 2 cabinet doors a day max. This may turn out to be a year long project and I have a small kitchen! LOL traveled to Atlanta earlier this week for a follow up visit with the surgeon. Will do a separate post on it. Have a great night.

I should be so motivated!

I just feel like if I don’t keep moving, even just a little, I will die.

I was sideswiped then driven off the road. The symptoms (whiplash at first) appeared 40 minutes later. I had suffered herniated discs in my neck and back. I had severely strained all of my muscles in my back .The symptoms kept growing over the next few years. The most horrifying experience was the total lack of empathy from family members , friends, and attorneys. My boyfriend and mother were supportive. That was a blessing.

Thank god for your boyfriend and mother.

I am so sorry that you have experienced all this pain. But it sure doesn’t help when others are not supportive. But you do have support here.

I wonder if you might also have something going on with your brain stem. This sounds a lot like your symptoms. Have you ever injured your head, Eeyore?

SK, it might make an interesting sub-topic to ask if any fibro people have been in car accidents, regardless of whether or not the fibro seemingly started then or not. And did they have head injuries or back injuries and if the injuries coincide with where they have fibro now.

Interesting that he saw it as aCNS disoder.
Sorry that you have gone though all this, but I know that my sadness does not help you.But nevertheless I hope that your pain subsides if only for a while. Take Care Barb

*raises hand* I was so thankful that it wasn't a bad accident and a few weeks later the pain began, then a few yrs later, I was diagnosed.