I had to have cervical cryotherapy done today. (cervix frozen)

I had a abnormal pap smear in Oct. Since then, Ive had to have a biopsy, and today cryosurgery on my cervix. I was just a CIN 1 thank God, but still had to have the procedure. They said it wouldnt be bad, just some cramping, but feels a lot worse to me. Wondering if anyone else has gone through this having fibromyalgia, and how the recovery was. Have read several horror stories from others, has made me a little anxiou


In His Care,


Not had the cryotherapy, but was put under for a d and c and uterine ablation. Any procedure I find I may need a few days more than people without fibro to recover from. Be good to yourself, rest, and heal. I'm so glad they caught this early and got you treated!

So glad they did too. Am pretty sore. So glad I can take it easy for the next few days.

Dont have anything real strong as far as meds, But I do have a heating pad. Thanks for mentioning that. I think Ill go dig it out of the closet. Sorta miserable, but could be worse.

I just got a abnormal result from my annual pap smear, I have to wait 6 weeks before they can do a more definitive test after hearing what you girls endured it's going to be a long six weeks, they found something abnormal but did not get enough of a sample to make a definitive diagnosis. I got fibro at 35 and since then Iv'e been falling to bits I got a thrombosis in my left arm was on rat sack for 6mnths to keep my blood thin, then I had a car accident and tore my intestine completly off my stomach got perontnitus, then my heart went crazy pumping so hard they give you a drug that stops your heart completly and they hope it reboots back into a normal rythum and then to top it off I got septascemia blood poisoning and know this and all with fibro to keep the pain going so I am dammed scared I just don't know how to cope I'm all out of coping Iv'e been in pain for over 20 yrs this will take the last piece of dignity I have left