I wanted to share this with all of you. It makes me remember my friends here. Gentle Hugs!


Thanks Dawn for the beautiful thought, I was not able to see this… Perhaps because I’m on my I- pad, I will try again from my lap top, I hope you are doing well
Hugs & blessings

Your welcome Dee, I hope you will be able to watch it. I love this site, I get emails from them a couple times a week. The movies always have meaning and sometimes brings me to tears. I am having a high pain day today. It is 7 degrees outside, wind chills later down to -30. All the pressure points hurt, I can't touch them and don't like my clothes touching them, I ache and hurt everywhere...and I can't take anything for it. My resident headache is back today, not a bad one, just one that lets me know i have one and can't get rid of it. My back feels like it is full of knots, my upper back is killing me....but i am sure you know what i am talking about. Wow....I must have had a brain burp..lol...anyhow, I hope you enjoy and the web site is simpletruths.com.

Gentle Hugs