You've got to be kidding me T_T

I was just starting to lose my cough from a terrible cold I got two weeks ago and today, I new cold just started!! Is this some kind of joke? o_0 Haha sorry.. I just had to rant. And on top of it, yesterday, I was called into my boss' office for a talk regarding all my absences this year. At least my pain isn't too bad today.. All the same, can I cry on someone's shoulder? :P

Cry on mine :wink: I have water proof clothes.

Haha, thanks :) Nothing like a good shoulder cry. :))

True god knows I’ve stained enough clothes with tears lately.

If ever you are in need of more clothes to stain.. you can have my shoulder too anytime. :) Thanks for cheering me up this evening!

Just glad I could help. I figure we all need each other.

Rant away hun…we are all in this together.

Oh so sorry this is hanging on to you! Are you sure they are not allergies, all kinds of nasty things are active right now, mold, pollen, rag weed... What ever it is, hope you can beat it soon! Cry away!

Yes, you surely may, Kiwi. That sounds like a pretty sukky day, all in all. Someone else mentioned that fibro seems to make them more prone to colds and I'm starting to wonder if there's truth to that statement. As weird as it sounds, I think your fibro might be to blame for the recurrence of your cold. Maybe the first one never went away and just renewed itself.

Sounds like you might want to look into the possibility of getting disability or else a job with hours to suit your needs better. Shorter hours? Less days? Unfortunately, fibro does a number on most of our work lives. I totally sympathize with you. Just know that it's not your fault. You're doing the very best that you can under terrible circumstances.

thanks Karen :) you're too sweet :) Hope you are having a good Friday, I'm so happy it's almost the weekend.

Guess what? You were right!! It was really really bad allergies!! I just panicked when I wrote this.. I thought for sure my cold was back but finally I bought antihistamines the day after and was ok. :) Thanks for your reply and your support, I appreciate it :))

Thanks for your sweet reply Petunia!! Your replies always make me smile and feel completely supported and encouraged.. :)) Finally, it was just allergies, but I panicked!! I was so scared I was sick again, my nose was running like an open tap and felt so disgusting! Luckily, the next day, I bought antihistamines and was ok! :)) But I do think maybe fibro might make us more vulnerable to things like colds, anyway that was the worst cold I ever had the one that just passed. It was horrible, no one I freaked out like that lol.. T_T

Regarding work.. This week I haven't missed a day and it's such a personal victory for me!! I don't know what will happen.. I'll take it day by day. My boss, when she talked to me about all my absences, she said she'll need a doctor's note everytime I'm absent now, which I think isn't too bad.. This job is so important to me because I love it, I'm with the public and I get to sit down a lot during the day, so it's not too bad. The hours are manageable too, just five hours a day.. I hope things will turn out so that I can keep it. :) But whatever happens.. I know I'm strong enough to go through it, and I have my loving fiance, and you guys.. who are just too kind and supportive, what a gift to have found this site.. <3 Lots of love to you and everyone here.. gentle hugs.. and I wish you and everyone a wonderful Friday and weekend. :))

Hi Kiwi,

Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better! Wising you a good weekend too!



Oh Kiwi, I'm so glad it was just seasonal allergies! They oftentimes do mimic cold symptoms and it's hard to tell which is which until you take allergy meds. Thank Goodness for those allergy meds!

At first I didn't really find myself agreeing with the concept of fibro dragging things out but now I'm not so sure. I had the WORST ever stomach bug (apparently) and it took 2 weeks to get rid of it, just like your cold. And it was far, far worse than any bug I've ever had. So maybe fibro is messing with our bodies and immune systems in regards to colds and flues. Did you find that the symptoms of your cold were more intense than in the past, Kiwi?

Good for you for making it thru the week! It makes you feel so good, doesn't it? I hope you manage to keep the job because you love it so much and it's meaningful to you. What a shame that fibro even affects the things we love the most. But hopefully you can keep on keeping on, while taking good care of yourself.

It makes me feel really good to know that my words have helped you. It's such a tough illness to face, let alone without support. This sight is truly a blessing for all of us, so we can find others in distress and bring them comfort, while others comfort us.

Hi Pet, Hope you soon get some real relief. You know you are such a valuable member of this group, you surely do support us all!

Kiwi, so glad you are feeling better! We are glad to have you with us! We are nearly at 1,000 members!