Body doesnt want to move around today!

been on new tabllets for two week , still waking up , pain and hurt still there , feel like ive been run over this morn lol , the onlt thing the tablets have helped with is my anxiety , like all of us i wish this would leave my body i know its here to stay , i even swear at it now and let it know it wont beat me ! then i have a little cry , i think it makes me strive on , we have no other choice do we !! lots of hugs to you all today and lots of love , as i see it we are all very special and strong people , maybe not so strong all the time but at least we can all be together on here to give each other that strenghth xxx

Woke up this morning and feel the same. Not on any new meds, but the weather is changing and my body with it. Going from 76 to in the 40’s - not going to be pretty. I so would like to call in sick but I have 6 teachers out at conferences and oh heck. I’m making excuses why I should go to work! Good thing I have therapy today so I can get some reinforcement. I know I must trust my body but my head is getting in the way. I’ll probably be cryi g with you today - not sure how its going to go. I hate Fibro so much! Today it’s got me beat :(. I feel for you Angie - hope those meds start helping with pain. I would call your pharmacy to see or google to we if they are to help with pain or just anxiety. To better days~ Sandi

I feel the same way. I would have been better if I were still taking one of the meds. The combo of two I had (is it not ok to mention them by name here?) worked but I had to stop taking one due to a hospital visit. The withdrawal from that one was so bad that I will never take it again. I may have a genetic connective tissue disorder though and that would at least explain some things for me. Big air hugs for everybody.

I am so sorry you are in such pain. Is it a flare? Tears are very healing. It seems we do have to learn to work within the boundry's of the fibro. So hard to not think of it as controlling our lives. We have to find a way that we are still in control. Interrupted sleep only adds to your battle. I am glad you battle against it instead of giving into it.

Hugs to you. Keep on fighting.

Not sure I’m going to win the battle much longer. I think this troop needs to pull out of this war. Maybe after I see the pain doc next week she’ll have a suggestion after reading all my medical records if what meds I have tried. I can’t take the savella, cymbalta drugs because my whole body freezes up - didn’t take gabapentin long enough to notice anything and nothing I try is giving me good sleep. I could cry right now but that would take up so much energy! I only have 45 minutes of work left after my lunch - yeah - then maybe my therapist can get through this thick skull that I can give in and take care of ME! Sorry I’m such a downer today. I hate feeling this way.

my love to u all x its soo not fare wi have to feel this day in and day out , im trying to be strong and try not to think its here forever as i would fall to pieces as we all would i wish i could take this away from us all , a masive big hug to you all x ive developed something new in the past couple of days itchy skin and now i have like spots on my neck , chest and arms just something else to add to it !!!!! going for a warm shower to see if it easies me , take care all xxxxxxx

Same here, the weather is changing here as well. Allergies are bothering me double that. Sometimes meds take time to work and build up in your system to get the best results. Sometimes a little caffeine helps a little with the pain meds..but don't drink too much or you won't be able to relax either. Do you use epsom salts? They are great to soak in a nice warm bath before going to bed.

So depending on the day and circumstances my pain levels go up and for example is a 5 on a scale of 1-10. I hope you start feeling better soon.

Angie, I’m so sry you are having a hard day, I am so certain that this constant pain, nags & nags at us till we get to a point that we just can not endur one more day, I get so tired of waking up every morning with so much pain, feeling like I was hit by a train, like I’m 99 years old & of course still exhausted as if the 9 hrs I just slept was just a waste of time. Sure then a family member says all chipper & rested… Good morning how did you sleep , feel better … Like really ???
Imagine how much energy we all use to hide how we really feel, I have learned that I need alone time to just relax , re-coupe & turn my brain off
Stress reduction, laughter, and focusing on what makes us smile is helpful :slight_smile:
I saw pain management this week & started something new, it has actually helped me today, I think we need to hang onto those good moments when something has helped ! And having each other on this site is so comforting because we all struggle in similar ways
Hugs & blessings

I know! Any help is a help, Angie, but sometimes not enough as far as what we need. It is such a long process to get where we need to be with meds. Which one, how much and how long will that help, helps one thing but not the other thing.

Of all the things I have read on here, feeling run over by a truck and feeling 90 seem to be the most common remarks. Well, lets not forget of sick and tired of feeling sick and tired! That may be the all time favorite!

I hope that you can SOON get the right meds for the right thing and start to feel a bit better!

You are right about the strength of the group, it's awesome!



It’s a tough day for us all when we are faced with our pain. I am housebound, so no paid work, forced retirement really, but the more tasks around the house that I do, the more pain. No medication have at any time, helped my pain. NONE.So I manage my pain by carefully managing my movement. I’m in Australia we are just going into summer now, the pain is much worse in winter, and for the first time I put an electric blanket of the sofa and it actually diminished the pain. Initially I turned it on high and then down to low and it helped me managed by pain. Increased the blood supply to the muscles and nerves, I suppose. Any way thinking of you and hope that the pain is manageable. Take Care Barb

No it doesn't. I've had fibro for almost 15 years. It only gets worse.

I haven’t found any meds that have helped. I am still hurting, tired of being told to smile, and just want to pull the covers over me and stay.

Hi Angie! Well, you've summed up fibro in a nutshell! Isn't that all the truth? But I'm so sorry that you're having so much trouble with our "friend" fibro. It does beat us up and make us want to cry! The great thing is that we're here to listen and support you in this. We're all troupers and we all know how to survive this nasty illness. You too. Together we can make better sense of our illness and cook up ways to deal with it. It will not defeat us! It will not defeat you. And we are here for you.

Tricky, that stinks that you haven't found any meds to reduce your pain! Fibro is so odd; the meds that help me do nothing for someone else. I truly wish you could find something to take the edge off your pain, if nothing else. And who wants to smile when they feel miserable? What a stupid thing for someone to tell you to do! Maybe THEY should smile after someone smashes them in the back with a baseball bat. Then they'd know how we feel.

Pulling up the covers and staying sounds soooooooo good to me! When the pain hits, that's exactly what I want to do too. And I REALLY hate it when I have to go to the doctor during those days. Can't STAND getting up and driving, especially when it's a distance.

Fibro should be illegal!

Oh hooray for a relatively pain free day! So glad that the worst of the pain is gone for now! Those days are the ones we do cherish. That's when we can kind of live life again.

So happy that you're feeling better, aristlt.

Happy Summer, Barb! Yes, summertime is much better for fibro. Lucky you to be in the warm weather again.

The heating blanket sounds like a great idea. I think I'll pick one up and try it, especially since winter's just around the corner.

I'm so sorry that you've found no meds to help with the pain. That is a really rotten turn of events. I truly don't understand fibro and why some meds do help some people and not others.

Here's the question of the hour: Doesn't it seem weird to think of June, July and August as cold, winter months and December, January and February as warm months? I mean De-cem-BRRRRR. FeBrrrr-uary. COLD!!! Meanwhile August sounds like Awe-gust, as in you're in awe of all of the sun and heat you can soak up in August. Okay, just something weird I've always wondered of people who have winter flipped around from those of us on the opposite hemisphere.

You have it especially hard, Sandi, since you're still working full-time with fibro, and in a job with a lot of stress, no less. I don't know how you manage it but good for you for managing it.

Yes, you're right the changing weather really contributes to feeling much, much worse. As little as I liked the heat and humidity of this past summer, it was so much easier to deal with, painwise, than the colder weather.

I hope things went okay for you at work, Sandi. And that therapy kept you going.

And my thoughts go out to you too, Angie. I too hope those meds kick in and kick fibro's butt.

Our poor Angel, who is always so kind and sweet to everyone, I'm sorry that you're also suffering today. It seems like a truly bad day for many people. If you are East Coasters it could be due to the Hurricane heading our way, as it may well end up being a mammoth storm. So if you're on the East Coast and feeling particularly bad, this may well be why.

May tomorrow be sweeter than today for all of you. And bless you, Angel. So many times your gentle touch and words have brightened my day. I hope I can do the same for you today. Take care of yourself!

Hi Water and welcome! It's nice to hear from you and about your experiences.

Sure, you can mention the meds by name. As far as I know, the only things not allowed are negative comments about specific doctors/clinics (because they might sue the site.)

Withdrawal from some drugs is horrible, as you say. And you're not expecting it because no one TELLS you that nice safe Paxil will cause you to feel like suicidal sh#t if you discontinue all of a sudden. How awful for you that you had to experience a drug withdrawal! I don't blame you for refusing to take the drug again.

I'm sorry to know that you might also have an additional medical condition complicating things. It sounds like something that would be very, very painful, but I hope it isn't. I hope you can get some answers on whether you have it or not, so you'll have your answers. Our SK is fond of saying that her rheumatologist states that fibro is not something which occurs in a vacuum; something starts the pain of fibro, and we need to find out what that something is. For you, perhaps it is the genetic connective tissue disorder.

Gentle hugs to you today,


Oh, Sandi, you have our ears and our hearts. We feel for you, soldiering on with a full-time job despite having fibro.

Savella - soooo many people with whom I've spoken have had unpleasant experiences with the drug. Having your body freeze up ??? - sounds horrifying! NO med is worth that!

The trick to getting good sleep is finding a drug that controls the pain. I know this because my sleep was getting to be terrible as the pain became unbearable until my doctor upped my Lyrica. And now I can sleep again. If you can find the right drug or combo of drugs to stave off enough of the pain, sleep will come.