Yay today has been good!

I wont say I haven’t been in pain because I would be lying but today has better one of my better days in a whlie! I am happy and will cherish this moment forever who knows when it will happen again!:slight_smile: Hugs


I'm glad today's been a good one for you. Thank goodness for these respites, huh? I hope it lasts a while for you.

Take it easy and ENJOY!

Thank you it only lasted one day but whenever I get a good day I am grateful because they don’t come often!!! How are you doing? hugs

Good for you!!!


Glad you had a good day x
Hopefully You’ll have lots more

Yes lets hope so! Thanks

Hello Amberlyn,

So glad to know you had a good day, hope today has been a good one as well, and that tomorrow can be too!



Thank you so much! How are you doing?

Hoping that another good day comes your way real soon.

I'm well enough, waiting to feel the Enbrel do it's magic! I always feel the drag on Friday as it is my shot day at 5pm. I know that by tomorrow, it will have kicked in and I will have some degree of relief!

How about you, how are you feeling?

Oh ok yu have to take shots? Im ok just feeling tired!

Yes, and I am very happy to take them, not much more than a mosquito bite, and it helps this from getting too bad too fast. I have an autoimmune arthritis that caused my fibro, the Enbrel helps the arthritis, and when my arthritis gets better,so does my fibro. Not best, but better!

I know, the tiredness never really goes away, but since I am finally taking the pain meds on a regular basis, I can sleep, really sleep! That has helped tremendously! How about you, can you sleep?

Awa okay! Yes I know about the best not better!:slight_smile: