1st trip in ambulance due to pain

I wrote up yesterday feeling stiff as always, didn't think much about it until I got up to go brush my teeth. I grabbed my walker, still recovering from surgery, got out of bed and realised I could barely walk. Kept thinking for about 20 minutes that it was just more stiffness than normal and it would get better. Got something to drink and sat until my left leg started spasming so bad it was lifting pillow on my lap. Went to lay back down when my kids and father-n-law asked if I was ok. By this time my feet were turned in and I was walking with all my weight on my arms barely moving my legs. Had to call ambulance to take me to ER, EMT actually told me that all they would do is "put a bandaid on it and send me home" exact words. Told them to take me anyway because of the pain and fact I couldn't walk. So x-rays, pain needs, and we are trying to reach your normal back surgeon and they send me home to feel like a walking pharmacy. Just wish they could find whatever else is wrong with me so I can get out of this bed, off the meds, and lead a halfway normal life again. Thanx for letting me vent. Good bless all!!!

Hi CDFrance,

I totally can relate...last year my sister rushed me to the ER and I was told that they were not going to send me for any test and least of all an MRI. The doctor told me that he already knew they would find nothing! I guess he is psychic! He wrote down a name of a book on chronic pain gave me a prescription for a week's worth of pain meds and that was it! This all took place prior to my diagnosis with Fibro. I had no clue as to what was wrong with me and my GP at the time was useless! I pray you get your answers soon. My heart goes out too you...it is good for you to vent and that is what we are all here for! Hang in there and continue to be strong!

Have you read the latest discussion post regarding the latest breakthrough from Researchers that say they now know the cause of Fibro? It surely will mean positive things for us in the future! I am hoping this will lead to a medication that will benefit us! Keeping the faith! :)

Gentle hugs,


Thanks for the support Dreamcatcher, really needed it. Was glad they did at least x-rays and tried to get sold a hold of my surgeon, after 3 fusions he knows me best. I just wish they would listen more than looking going well and dwiddle their thumbs. I wish they would have done more for you when you went in. I read my daily devotional and have long talks with God.

Will have to check out the latest discussion about the cause. I just hope it's not another miracle snake oil scheme. Will keep you and all here in prayers for pain free days.

Gentle hugs,


Dear CD,

So sorry that you felt bad enough to have had to go through it! I know it takes a lot for us to give in to calling the ambulance! You are so right, you got the x-rays, which is the first thing the Surgeon is going to go to. I hope you can locate and see him very soon! I am sure you are in need of some good care, and he would be my first choice too!

NO, I have not had spinal surgery yet, though my GP thinks I do, he called me at 9:30 at night after my last MRIs. My Rheum says it's the Psoriatic Arthritis, not the stenosis causing the intense pain, otherwise my pain would not always be this bad all of the time and the Daypro would not help as much as it does. I'm heading that way though, my spine is in bad shape, from head to tailbone from degenerative arthritis. It's the Spondylitis type meaning it primarily attacks the spine, though nothing else is safe, it gets it all! Add 3 rear end car accidents and sports injuries, horse riding, surfing injuries, and you get the picture!

As one of my girlfriends told me who was an ER nurse for decades, they are there to save your life, not much help with other things! My last trip there was to make sure I hadn't fractured my skull after a fall, that I still do not remember!

I hope that you can get with your surgeon very soon, get some solid answers and some substantial relief. BTW, my Rheum gave me Ethyl Chloride spray, it's an anesthetic, numbs you to the bone! It's been an absolute life saver for me!


Sending love, hugs and understanding,