Info on SSA's Guidelines on Fibromylagia MDI Evaluation

The Social Security Administration has issued guidelines on evaluating disability claims on fibromyalgia, specifically on establishing whether a person has a medically determinable impairment (MDI) of the condition.

The new ruling relies on two sets of guidelines for establishing the presence of fibromyalgia:

1. The 1990 American College of Rheumatology (ACR) Criteria for the Classification of Fibromyalgia; or,

2. The 2010 ACR Preliminary Diagnostic Criteria.

These guidelines increase the role of a treating physician, especially since a determination of a patient's likelihood of having “good days” and “bad days” must also be established.

The guidelines also provides cover for patients against adjudicators who might be predisposed to deny claims based on fibromyalgia.

See the links below for a detailed discussion of these guidelines and be equipped with the needed information when filing claims for disability due to fibromyalgia.

Share your findings, comments, and experiences on this page for all members to read.

Armando, does this apply only to those citizens of the United States?


I think maybe the states need to read these for themselves then, I have been struggling for YEARS to get some help from the state but they keep denying me. I cover every single one of the guidelines mentioned! Ohhh the government makes me a sad, achy panda.

Funny, they mention the rheumatology people when 1 rheumatologist I saw said she couldn't help me; that my doctor should refer me to a pain clinic (2012) and another 1 sent me back to my psychiatrist (1987). What do they really know about Fibromyalgia? I'd really like to know.

Yes, Rachel.

Wow a doctor can tell me when iam going to have a good or bad day,sure right then they know about me than i do ,i donot know one day to next how my day will be.maybe they would give me the money to get all the pills the doctors want me then i will have more prombles with to many pills.take this pill to fix this now take this pill to fix what that pill caused. Why not just say we do not to gave you any help its all in your head,but if drink and have a promble with that we will give you acheck

I will look these over. I am one to put this in their face if they try to deny me again!! We shall see whathappens. . .

YES!!! This makes my decision Sooo much easier! I have been flipping back and forth on when or if I was going to apply. And having been seen by my doc since 1.07 and diagnosed since 96. The problem I have is that I still work eventhough I am in excrusiating pain. Meds on board or not. Not only that but what scares me is when I signed my settlement with the semi truck company it had a clause in it that said I wouldn’t file for SSI for the proceeding 30 mo. And I asked my legal team what that meant and he said that it I can still file based on the FM but not the accident. So I am scared that even if I file based on the FM they will toss a tizzy.

Ugh. But I’m a little more less hesitant to file.

Punkin2x74, you will more than likely have to take it til the step of needing a lawyer and taking the case to court. it's a long, grueling battle but worth it in the end if you can fight the good fight without giving up!

Wow, I hope and pray they make a good decision on my case, for my claim has reached the medical evaluation level. I hope everyone who applies on here will be awarded. This is a debilitating illness.

Hi guys, just go for it and good luck. It is worth it when you get it.

My other worry is I don’t understand how they factor spouses income into the situation. Not that my husband makes a whole crud load of money and actually I have to bring in some money somehow to make it ugh.

Explodinggirl, I think it's because the government only just changed their rules to allow fibromyalgia as a disability, and thus these are new guidelines reflecting that change.

Yes, DO put it in their faces if they deny you this time!

Good luck, spirit! I completely agree with you. Anyone who suffers from fibro deserves disability because we ARE disabled from pain and fatigue.

They don’t.

I totally agree PG.

I have bipolar disorder among many other physical problems..back and neck fusions, multiple shoulder surgeries, menstrual problems that warranted a uterine ablation, peripheral neuropathy, bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome...all from working too hard at my jobs and raising a severely disabled son with cerebral palsy by myself. It took over 6 years, multiple suicide attempts, mental hospitalizations and chemical dependency for the judge to finally rule in my favor all to the tune of $1000 a month...then you have to wait on Medicare for 2 1/2 years to take effect. How are we supposed to live on $1000 a month with all the Dr. visits, medications that Medicare doesn't cover, eat, gas for transportation and put a roof over our heads? I have so many post-it notes on the next plan of action to take that I should buy stock in the company!

Count your blessings for those of you who have family who at least try to understand and support you. I thank God for mine everyday even though they give me grief with every bit of least they are there for me. This is a lonely condition for sure. Trust in God's provision and His friendship is all that gets me through each day.

Thanks for reading my rant! It's so nice to have a place to do it and be understood.

Why did you have to wait 2 1/2 years for Medicare. I had to wait 6 months. The money you get is based on the money you paid in based on your 3 highest years of working or something close to that. The more you paid in the more you get. Again, the rich get richer…

I still don’t understand why you had to wait so long. That is terrible, almost abusive. So sorry sage. Ridiculous.

When overwhelmed, one tends to go with what they tell you even though it is WRONG! They told me it was TX law. I've also missed out on Medicaid for months because they told me I was drawing too much disability. That was wrong too.

I hate to whine...we all do don't we? But, even though I have 6 wonderful cats and I live alone and have a great relationship with the Lord...I get so lonely sometimes that I just cry. I'm not depressed, just frustrated by what was and how things are now. I was a chaos junkie, now I crave peace...but it sure would be nice if someone could just give me a hug sometimes and not mean anything other than they care.

I'm positive I'm not the only one who feels this way at times, otherwise there wouldn't be this website.

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