Just checkin in

hey guys. I know I been missing a little. I miss all my good friends here. ive been doing ok. the pain has eased up the last two days and ive had energy. I think I can thank the Cymbalta and narco. I had my Cymbalta increased again which helps. of course nothing makes the pain completely go away but if I don't take Cymbalta I cant even walk. then I have the narco which helps as well but I don't want to get addicted. and I could never sleep but the doctor gave me ambien. I still wake up often but I can tell its a big difference.

im thankful for these last two days with little pain. but im not going to jinx myself by saying too much.

im still at a point in my life where I don't know where to turn. I have a good day or two but not well enough to work or anything. just well enough to get out of bed basically. I don't know the next step and I just feel lost. I feel I have no purpose. like everyday im just here to fight so that I can get to the next one. I used to have dreams but they've faded. I cant even remember things I wanted to accomplish have the time. thanks fibro fog. my only goal at the moment is to adjust to my new life with fibro and figure out how to survive and be independent enough to not depend on my parents

gentle hugs to everyone. hope you guys are having better days. I just wanted to pop in.


Hello Teesa

I know what you mean by not wanting to boast too much about a med that seems to be helping because then as fast as it started helping you then just as fast it helps no more. This is one of the baffling things about fibro for patients as well as doctors.

I guess all you can do is exactly what you have done.........posted it here for all of us to read and to rejoice with you for the help you have received and hope for you that it continues.

Hi Teesa,

Am glad you have less pain and a little more energy, and the "jinx" stays away!!

I know what you mean about having a good few days but sadly they don't last long enough!! I think acceptance of how we are now is a huge obstacle to climb over, I know I'm not the same person I was 3 years ago, my life has completely changed but I have finally accepted my life now and I just adapt to it and know my limitations.

But don't give up entirely on your dreams, if you can remember them!! Fogs are a pain!!

My dream is that after my son gets married next year they want a baby and I just want to be a lovely Granny, I just hope fibro does not get in the way too much!!

Good to hear from you

Love Lucy xxx

Hey Tessa

I was just wondering about you when I got a new book yesterday. I hope you are still trying to write some I know you enjoyed it so much.

So good to here from you, thanks for checking in… I think you have said a lot of what we all think about, I personally think about that often " where to turn next" sometimes just feel lost , with no real purpose anymore, dreams seem to have faded …
Keep faith, smile about something everyday and know you are not alone !
I thank god for my family and my great friend here :slight_smile:

Hugs & blessings
dee B

Hi Teesa. My name is Cara. I am really glad I found this site. It is nice to know there are others in this world that understand our pain.
I believe this disease has different stages. I finally accepted the fact I am very sick. My next step is to fibd support. My husband is going through a lot and is not who can help me right now. My parents and sister can only understand so much.
I took the initiative to educate myself. The internet has so much great info. I believe it is crucial to have people that are going through this to talk to. We won’t judge, we understand , it is such a struggle. This is probably the hardest thing I’ve known anyone to go through and normal people cannot comprehend what we deal with.
I have hope that I can have a wonderful life. Ive accepted the fact that I am a different person, and that’s okay. Just know that you are a special person and there is more fight in you than you realize
I am also on cymbalta and norco. My doc put me on wellbutrin yesterday. I have hope, I try and exercise and I work as a waitress. I have two girls that depend on me. That is my hope for today. Every bad day I have, I know there has got to be a good day. Keep your head up. It will get better.

Tress its so good to hear from you again. I’m so glad you are getting at least some relief. Sometimes that’s all we get and sometimes we have lots of relief. I’ve learned to take each day as it comes and find the blessings hidden there. Gentle hugs. Dena

Sorry about the spelling of your name above Teesa. Stupid autocorrect.lol

Glad to see you back, Teesa! I’m so happy that your doctor is listening to you and is trying to keep your pain as low as possible. I know what you’re going through when you say you have no purpose. I thought that too, but all it was is me thinking that I don’t have the same responsibilities and physical dreams of doing what I used to do. On bad pain days and a few afterwards, the depression is so great I can only cry. I wonder if its a chemical reaction in the brain from the pain?

You are a beautiful young lady and I know you will find a purpose for the new you! big hugs ~ Sandi :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your comments, advice, and concerns. Things have been a little different with the higher doasage of meds. It’s made a difference but as usual the pain is always there. I had a few good days but I’m still really sad and now in alot of pain. I have a heating pad on my back that helps a little but… im just tired. Tired of being tired tired offighting for every single day i live. MAnnnnnn do we all have tough jobs. We deserve a lot of credit.

I know it’s not good to give up but honestly i cant see past the pain. My dreams are foggy. All i want is a normal life of happiness and no pain… a girl can wish right