Just for fun~tell us your celebrity crush! Bet you can't just choose one!

Russell Crowe, Pierce Brosnon, Robert Redford, Tim Daly, Sean Patrick Flannery, Hugh Jackman are just a few a adore! Who makes your heart skip a beat?

Sean Connery, mMatthew Mcconnaughy (with short hair, hate that scruffy look), Matthew Settle, Eric Dane, Patrick Dempsey, and the list goes on…

Hugh Jackman with Patrick Stewarts voice and Clint Eastwoods attitude. Lets start the celebrity spliceing now!!!

Ian Somerhalder

OMG, Clint Eastwood when he was young and in spaghetti westerns! Wow, was he handsome!

Also, I'm embarrassed to admit this but I find one of the Property Brothers cute, the contractor twin. If you don't watch the show, it's on HGTV and is a renovation show starring two twins.

I also used to find James Spader hot but he's totally lost it, sad to say.

I actually do not know who I like celebrity wise x

Matthew Settle, Oh my yes, what a gorgeous man! Eric Dane is not bad looking either! And Ian, oh my !!!!!

I had to look these guys up, but definately worth the effort! And Clint, Of course, Clint, how could I have forgotten him? I also had a huge crush on the late great Robert Palmer, 'simply irrestible' singer! Clive Owens, Sam Neil, Jeff Bridges (without the beard), I still adore William Shatner! Christian Bale, Sam Elliott, Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins, Simon Baker...So many!

Who else?

So you like those 'toothy' Property brothers'? LOL!!!

I had a list... then I removed the porn stars and was left with nothing again... life is unfair.

I will say Zac Efron, Prince Harry and Tom Felton :D xxx

Bill Shatner, yes, he still has sex appeal. And my God, he was handsome as a young man!

I had a huge crush on John Lennon for years.

LOL, Apparently, I'm related to an Italian porn star, Mike. Look up Davide DeVenuto. He''s a good looking dude., But I can't really look at him, knowing he's related. Too much "ewww" factor.

Ahhh, Prince "Hot Ginge" Harry. Yup, there's a looker. Lots of people panting over him.

Yeah, Zac Efron has Grown up really nicely. He makes my heady stutter and I am too old for a stuttering heart! LOL

Really PG? Prince Harry? I just don’t see it. But I looked up Davide and he is smoking hot! Care to hook me up? LOL

I think both of Diana's boys are handsome!

I have always loved all the Beatles! I never screamed or fainted, used to get upset with all the carrying on, I wanted to hear the music!

I do not like the bald patch on William lol xx

lol I will have a look... I must admit that there are a lot of people being mentioned on here that I have not heard of xx

He probably doesn't like it either!

haha lol... you would think with the money they have they would offer him surgery to have some new hair put on. Did you see the Prince Harry naked in Las Vegas pics? xx

I am sure he has been approached. Elton John went through it, and it was not successful, I read that Hugh Jackman went through it. They say it's excruciatingly painful!

No, haven't seen him naked! Heard he was in a scrape about it though!