Just more BS we donot need

Hi All Been thinking or trying to thur fribo frog ,Family and friends just add to pain when they want talk to us or e mail or call,we get upset about that which puts us to thinking why why; Friends I do not have but on there e mails none,so I do not have to worry about that but family I thought I had I do have pictures where i was with these people so I guess they are real Lo, But now I hardley see them But I do not need the upset thats goes with anyone thats will not try and understand me,so I live my life one day at a time if they come around good if not good,I have a great husband thats helps all he can and I have my animals Life good as it can get just one day at a time and so happy for what I can do,I just forget that sometimes Have a pain free day

Bet, I am sorry that your family is moving further from you emotionally when you are so ill. It sounds like it distresses you very much. What about picking up a little card or postcard and writing something like, "Thinking of you every day, even though I'm ill and can no longer do what I once did with you. The love is still there." That way, you'd be working to keep the bond alive and they could see that first hand. If they mistake your illness for disinterest, then this might put that idea away. If they have lost some interest, maybe it might give them a bit of guilt and have them contact you. And if they no longer want any contact, then nothing will change them, unfortunately. I am truly sorry you're going thru this tho when you're sick and in need.

Many of us come here for that reason, because we need support and understanding. And we get it here, usually. After all, it truly is impossible for a healthy person to even vaguely understand what we're going thru but other sufferers do and they can help guide us through the dark night.

Hope this helps a bit. Gentle hugs to you for your pain and your sorrow,


Hi Wow not once did I think of sending a card,will do that so nice to have someone who understands Thanks Gentle hugs to you

Bet, I don't know if it will help or not but it's worth a try. If they care but are confused by what's going on with you, maybe the card and words will help to smooth things over. It's difficult for us with this illness but it's also important to try and maintain our important relationships if we can. Sometimes we can't. But the people who truly care will hang on.

Wishing you a good response and improved family relations,