Just so upset

Hi all Its so hard to do anything Hurt Hurt , Had to take care of the chickens this moning did not think I could walk up the very small hill to do that pain in my hips legs sure make it hard to walk. All I want to do is go back to bed but Hurts to lay,Hurts to sit,somehow I got to clean the house, House Bull I do not take care of my self No one comes by and I can not go out the walking thing,just hurts too much No one emails all the others in my family knows the name of my grandkid thats will born soon the only I know is my reading their facebook page,but hey family has unfriend me yet guess thats next, Have a pain free day

So sorry Hun. Remember you can pick your friends,yu can pick your nose but you can’t pick your family, and sometimes we are left with bad ones. I wish I could crawl back in bed a lot but I have to watch my little ones. If your fingers don’t hurt a hobby might be good. I like to cross stitch and crochet and while I still hurt while I’m doing it I enjoy it and it keeps my mind preoccupied so I don’t think about it so much and it doesn’t make me hurt more. As for cleaning the house just do what you can and rest often. Gentle hugs, hope things get better.

Dear Bet,

Sounds like you need a friend and a Doctor! You have hit on all of the things that we suffer from, the physical and emotional pain involved with chronic illness. My belief is that at least one good Doctor on your side is a big plus, and that you are about to make many good friends here. The info and support are just so amazing!

Go ahead and vent, we all understand just how you feel, we are all going through basically the same senerio. It is difficult to take care of other people and animals when you feel like you cannot take care of yourself. Doesn't sound like there are any others to help with the chickens, any responsible kids around the area that may want to earn a few extra dollars to care for those birds?

We are all here for you, anytime, and glad you posted! So nice to have you with us!



Hi Bet,

The pain and fatigue is so annoying isn't it?! It's hard enough to take care of ourselves, let alone the house and pets such as yours. Stress does not help either, but at least we have each other on here. It's good to get it out in the open and deal with these issues we face daily.

Have you had fibro long and got the medication you need?

It's difficult dealing with family and friends at times, and I have had to cut people off temporarily until they sort their attitudes out, because we don't need the stress. We really need to strengthen our relationships because we need each of them to lead happier lives than we have at times. We can't get on with everybody. Thats just life, but we really do try to commuicate the best we can. It's hard to explain the fibro to a lot of people isn't it, but if we can get them to understand it helps.

I hope that you find some relief to the pain and work out your problems to keep the stress levels down. Best wishes,


Hi Jo hey thats my middle name jo,Friends all i have are on line that i play a game with on facebook,but now i have all of you to talk to thats real nice,medications gave up all my doctor wants is test after test at time they had me on about 6 differn things way to much drugs,had fribo from 2000 and as you know its more each day,yes i need to find a way to get rid of the stress the little thing and i go crazy ,Thanks for the write back

Cool middle name! lol. Yes you have plenty of friends here too now. I like playing poker on facebook and made friends there too.

I'm sorry you haven't been able to find a good balance of medications to help your symptoms. I have the same problem and it really does not help going without.

Hi Bet, we do all know how it feels to want to just go back to bed , but we can’t because it hurts to much, we all at times feel isolated from our family, they may not understand , often they don’t , how can they, don’t worry to much about house work, my theory is, it will be there tomm, do what you can. When I’m having a bad day, it’s enough to just get dressed , hang in there:)

Wow Jillian,

You wanna give me his number? I have a few words for him. I know what you mean about family though but he goes one step too far. Sisterly hugs!