Looking for a good Dr

Hi…I’m new to this site and so excited to have found it! I am in search of a new Dr in the Kansas City area. I am hopeing one of you may be able to advise me of a good one andthen share your experience with the Dr with me. I have become very bitter and short tempered with people not understanding my pain and really need to find a more compassionate, understanding Physician. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

You can try searching Members > Advanced Search for KC or St. Louis.

Hi there, I'm new to the site but unfortunately not new to Fibro and the search of a good Dr. I too am in the Kansas City area and have found a wonderful Doctor in Lee's Summit. She is compassionate, understanding, takes the time to listen to what you have to say etc. She just branched out on her own outside of a practice she was working within so the office is not the taj mahal (sp) lol but her receptionist (for a while she didn't have one) is very nice, and she the doctor is very in tune online where you can now check your records, prescriptions and more very quickly and make changes to update other meds etc. that possibly your other doctors (psych, etc.) may prescribe. If you are within traveling distance to Lee's Summit, let me know and I can give you more details on how she has helped me, how to contact her etc. I have BCBS ins. and I know she accepts that and many others. Trust me there is hope out there and there are doctors in our area that can help us.

Dear Rain,

Keep me posted on your search. I can relate to the bitterness part. It's tough when others add insult to injury by dismissing you. I am in the Lincoln, Ne area. Don 't give up. I've been making do with return trips to Dallas to see a certain doctor who will give me whatever I've researched and would like to try. He does phone appts between times.

I'm also searching for a nearby friend here. I will put in a post for an Omaha doctor, too. I'm sure you want to look into the Dr. in Lee Summit. Keep posting. Thanks.

Hi Brook....sadly since this post I have been unable to continue working full time and now with only working part time no longer have insurance. With her understanding Fibro and having a small business maybe I could see her on a cash basis. If I caould afford it. Non of the zillion of meds they had me on helped one bit! The only thing that ever helped curve my pain was hydrocone. The Dr no longer wanted to give me that after years of it helping me @ least keep working bcuz she wanted me to try all the new fibro meds. Sadly all they did was make me more broke and finally after a year ended me being able to work full time. I now do water therapy and water aerobics to help get me more active and keep me moving. I still suffer from many painful days and not able to move so a pain med from a Dr with a brain would be nice! We are all not the same and our pain levels and tolerance are not the same. I need a Dr that wants to learn about me and figure out what works for me! Some days I get so desperate for pain relief....its driving me crazy!!! Thanks for your post and any help you can possibly help me fine.

@ Kathy.....thanks to you too Hun! Please also feel free to ctc me with above ctc info.

If you ladies have facebook my name is Renea Molden. I am part of two wonderful support groups on there as well and we would love to be there for you too!

Much love and wishes for a pain free day! ((Gentle Hugs)

I know of a good fibromyalgia doctor who is a consultant.
His name is Dr. Donald Goldenberg and he is at Newton-Wellsley Hospital in Newton Massachusetts .

Hi Brook, I am moving to Independence come Feb 1st, I am very interested in more details of the doctor in Lee's Summit. Thanks waiting on your response




Hi Rain! Hope this helps!

Wishing you well,


Rain, I'm going to pull up a list of resources put together by our friend, Sheila Wall. Please do not be offended by it's title 'Help for low income Americans'. This list includes just about all possible ways to get help in the US., It may float to the second or third page until you get back online. You can always use the search engine at the top left area of the discussion page.

I hope it helps, and you can get the good care that you deserve.

Big hugs,


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