Finding a new Doctor

Hi all,does anyone know of a fibro--knowledgeable Doctor in washington state Seattle area?

Hi there!

I don't live in Washington State, but there is a way to find yourself a doc who treats fibro. Ask your PCP if he/she knows anyone who takes care of fibro. If they don't know, I would move on to Rheumitologists in your area. Call them and ask their staff if they treat fibro. If they do not, then ask them if they are aware of other doctors who do. They do this all time so they could be a great help. Another type of doctor to call can be a Neurologist or an Anesthesiologist. Trust me, if they cannot help you in your search, no one can. Oh and another option for you is to look online for Pain Management Clinics in your area. I know it sounds like a big hassle and a lot of phone calling, but what is a few minutes on the phone compared to making appointments with a particular doctor and when they go to examine you, you tell them you have fibro and they won't touch you (literally) after that! That last situation happened to me two years ago. He sat as away from me as much as possible. Looking back on it now, it is very funny, but then I was devistated! Then I got lucky. He directed me to the Pain doctor that I have now been seeing for about 2 years! So basically I guess my main advice is to do your homework and don't stop with questioning if the doc doesn't take care of fibro or chronic pain, then do they know who does.

Good luck!

Here's what I would do (did do, in fact.) Google "Seattle rheumatologist fibromyalgia." Then, once you have a list of doctor names, google them one by one, by typing in their name, followed by "ratings" or "reviews." Then read the reviews their patients have given them. My first crummy rheumy was given quite a few bad reviews, and the peoples' complaints were identical to mine. On the other hand, I found a rheumy with a ton of good reviews, including being a good listener, so I booked an appt. with him (checked to make sure he took my insurance first.) He turned out to be very good. I just found out that he's a rheumy at a very reputable teaching hospital, so he knows his stuff.

So, my point is that you CAN have control over whom you get (as long as your health care plan allows you to pick some docs who have good reputations.) Weed out the stinkers right away by checking their reputation with their clients. It's not a guarantee that your doctor will be good, but it does help.

Good luck! I hope you find someone knowledgeable and nice, who listens to you and finds ways to make your life more comfortable.



If you can travel to Tacoma I have THE BEST FIBRO/PAIN MANAGEMENT DOC IN THE AREA! He is understanding, kind, caring, empathetic, sympathetic, and he doesn’t give you THAT look when you have to talk about what meds he thinks you should be on, or after he’s put you on meds and they are not working for you, you just go in and tell him "somethings wrong with this med or this is what this med is doing and he takes care of it. He does vitamin B-12 shots, cortisone, chiropractic and such. You do have to fill out a bunch of medical history and you have to follow his regimen but once you’ve find what works for you and doesn’t work for you he sticks with it. He’s such a sweet guy too. If you want his name and number let me know. It can often take one or two mo to get it in to see him for your initial appointment. What type of insurance do you have if you don’t mind me asking. He takes most private insurance not sure about Medicare or medicaide and such.

Gentle Hugs.

Are you still looking? I haven’t seen a message from you so just curious. He’s absolutely wonderful!

Gentle Hugs

I'd be interested in his contact information. I live on Bainbridge Island and have been seeing someone at UW/Northwest Arthritis Clinic but not pleased with her. She spends 10 minutes max with me and comes in carrying her RX pad, doesn't listen and has zero bedside manner or empathy. I haven't been back to her in many months and don't plan on it. Really hopping to find a caring Doc that is knowledgable about Fibro, who is understanding, informed and kind. Thank you for your help.