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Hello, I have been denied an appointment by all the rheumatologists in my area, my neurologist says he doesn’t treat fibro, PCP seems clueless, 2 pain management doctors just wanted me to take pain meds and I couldn’t function, chiropractor gave up, PT didn’t help.
Any suggestions are what is next?
Thank you!!!

Hi rrkaren, what is your area? Maybe someone here can recommend a good doctor near you.

You sure have been through the “run of the mill,” but I’m glad you’re here. Don’t give up, we will do our best to help!

Austin, TX area. Thank you!

Hello rrkaren,
I’m really sorry your going through all the trouble with your doctors. What medicine are they giving you that makes you feel like a zombie? I’m taking Lyrica and Tramdol and Celebrex for arthritis. PT isn’t working fast but I see some difference in my joints. My back pain is still pretty bad. I’m not seeing a rheumatologist anymore because he was a quack because he was saying something was wrong with my kidney. And I got a second opinion and there wasn’t anything wrong. So I’m only seeing my Family doctor and a pain management doctor. I pray that you can find the help you need. Have a blessed and safe holiday weekend.

Shirley :bouquet:

It sounds like you’re going through all the same run around I’ve been through. Idk if you ever tried it but acupuncture is the only treatment that’s given me lasting improvement with my back pain. The practitioner that I go to uses an electronic stimulator on the needles which makes it work even better. I was able to get my visits covered by my insurance but they usually cost 50-100. It’s definitely worth trying though.

Hi @rrkaren that is unbelievable. My PCP had recommended my Rheumatologist because they are both affiliated with the same hospital. My pain doctor is a smart cookie. I live in Massachusetts so unfortunately I can’t help much. Perhaps using google and searching for Rheums that treat Fibro in your area? I do take pain medication but I’m always searching for a combination that doesn’t make me unfunctionable. Chiropractors aren’t right for fibro. A rheumatologist is your best bet. Do you know why you have been denied? Can you appeal the denials? Good luck!

Rheumatologists here will not treat fibro. They’ll diagnose it but then you’re supposed to find a pain management dr to treat.
I have tried 2 pain docs, guess I will find #3.
Socially, people seem to be angered when you can’t attend functions. There are times I plan on it but then feel so awful I just can’t go. I explain it and they “understand,” but then the cold shoulders start.
Acupuncture is my next attempt. Wish you all well too!

My god how annoying. It makes no sense for them to even bother with the diagnosis. The pain dr should just do it. At my Pain Dr which is through a major hospital has Neurologists. They would be equipped ( I would think) in diagnosing Fibro. How far out have you looked from your home to a dr? I travel 40 mins to mine.

As far as the social convention goes, this is what I’ve experienced and dealt with granted I’ve had health issues since I was 14 so it’s not the same scenario. In the past friends, family, e.t.c. would seem upset and I would have to tell them “Look, you have no clue what I deal with on a day to day basis and I’m not even going to get into it with you. Do you have ANY clue what being sick like this feels like? You have 2 options. Learn about what I am going through or I will take option 2 and find people who are more supportive and cut you off. I would NEVER be like this to anyone I know” OR something to that affect. (LOL, sorry I get set off on things like this). Luckily family has been supportive but if I were to encounter a friend like that or a family member I would distance myself from them. My mother has MS and my Aunt tends to pick fun of her for not being social. I have now distanced myself from her (wow i guess I do have family members that are messed up). I love her but I will not allow her to always pick fun of my mother for her disease. My aunt has an issue with talking about everyone instead of fixing herself. My point in my long novel is if you can, avoid the folks who don’t believe or treat you with disrespect. If they don’t understand then they are ignorant and if they cared enough they would google it to understand it better. If cold shoulders are happening then they don’t understand. You can try once to explain but if they continue try to surround yourself with the positive people out there. I know that sounds cliche but for the sake of your health and well being surrounding yourself with as many happy people as you can is the best medicine. Happy, open-minded people who are empathetic. We all didn’t ask for this disease. Just because it isn’t cancer doesn’t mean we don’t deal with our share of horrible days. I hope Acupuncture works for you. I’ve heard good things about it. My suggestion (Apparently I’m full of them) is to research ones who know about fibro or just call them first and ask if they work with fibro patients. I hope my advice is helpful to you. I have been through so much that I really just have too much information in my brain. Good luck to you and keep us posted on getting a new dr as well as the acupuncture.


You might try looking at a DO (doctor of Osteopahty) – sometimes they have a more “full body” approach and are less dismissive of Fibromyalgia. I’m in the process of changing my PCP right now, as my current doc pooh poohed my Fibro and chronic daily headaches, and would not back me up when I told him I wanted to file for disability. I’ve been calling around, and asking the doctor’s office receptionists, “I need someone who believes that Fibro is a real disease, and who is supportive. Do you have someone in your office who specializes in this?” Blunt, but I don’t have time to mess around with another doc who thinks I’m faking it.

I agree with David, above, too – ditch out the negative people in your life too. You truly don’t have time for a-holes on a lower level (including family). They’re exhausting, and just bring you down further.

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It saddens me that you are all going through this with doctors. My PCP believed me and then sent me to a Rheumatologist with the same hospital affiliation. If your PCP doesn’t believe you and you find they aren’t really on your side, then you need to find someone who will believe in you. I found mine by luck from the insurance I had way back when I was working. You all will find the right person. Give them a chance at first but your gut will know whether they are pro patient or pro get outta my face. Good luck

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Wow! Thank you so much for the support and suggestions. Just knowing you understand is huge! My husband is very supportive but I don’t think he gets how awful I feel. I have 5 kids ranging from 25-3 so it’s a busy life. Keeping up is just overwhelming sometimes!
Well I’m going to try drs til I find the right one, I have an appt August 2 with a new pain doc. I am also researching new PCP. Mine seems annoyed when I call or come so often.
Thank you so much, you’re each a tremendous help!!!

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This is the beauty of Ben’s Friends: aside from the information and the experiences that we share, just knowing that people “get it” is helpful and makes you feel less alone.

All the best to you, rrkaren

Seenie from Moderator Support

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Amen Killer Tomato,
Sometimes family members can be our worst enemy. People can say and do the most hurtful things. I pray your having a good day today! I’m seeing a pain management doctor and my regular MD doctor. Sometimes I don’t get the right understanding from them what I’m going through. Finding the right doctor that understands what we deal with can be a bit hard I think! Have a blessed and fantastic evening!

Shirley :revolving_hearts:


Thank you Ladysax! The pain dr consult is in 2 weeks, hoping for the best!

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Your welcome! I pray that you do get some good information that can help you too feel better!

Shirley :revolving_hearts:

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As I don’t have kids I understand the husband situation. It’s hard for them to see what we feel. There isn’t a test to show besides a dr. poking us to show the fibromyalgia and with all the doubt out there about fibro, sometimes it looks like they don’t believe us. Good luck with those kids. I don’t envy your position but in all honesty, you sound more active than myself. Keeping busy is very important. August 2nd is just around the corner. :slight_smile:


I can’t even imagine 5 kids! It’s wonderful, but also has it’s own challenges. I’m so grateful that my kids are grown and out of the house. While I loved the empathy and care that my immediate family gives/gave me when I was at a low point, I HATE seeing the concern and fear in my family’s eyes when I’m in pain. With my son off at college, and step daughter living/working on her own, I only have to “fake it” around my pets and my sweetie. I only do that so I don’t worry them too much.

If you have insurance I recommend USC Dr. Ortiz, She is great. I live in Nevada and it is 268 miles and is almost a 5 hour drive. For a year and half I went to Doctors after Doctors, and nothing. I was in so much pain that I would cry, I thought my life was over.
I found out that USC is in my network, I went to USC 8 years ago for head trauma, they were so nice. I hope that this helps.

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Wow @Dragon ! That is some Dr. trip. I get frustrated with a 45 minute drive nevermind a 5 hour drive.

@KillerTomato I don’t like seeing the concern there either but that only means they care and don’t know what to say. Pets can always tell when your faking it :wink: