Before I was diagnosed with fibro I already saw a rheumy for lupus. When she couldn't contribute all my symptoms to lupus she was at a loss. So she sent me to an internist, who diagnosed me with fibro. So here's my question, If a rheumatologist treats fibro how come mine had no idea what was wrong with me? I'd rather just see the internist, she actually listens to me, while my rheumy acts like she doesn't believe fibro exists! I don't know what to do, I've already changed rheumy's once. Thanks Charlie :)

Some Rheums treat fibro, some don't. The internist should be able to treat you for it. My internist handles my lupus and fibro. I gave up on Rheums for the time being.

I was diagnosed by a Rheumy but she doesn't believe in it! I've tried to get her to write a letter for me but she won't - she says that Fibro is a catch all for an unknown ailment. What a drip! I now have a new pcp and she's amazing! My pcp that sent me to the rheumy di

my PCP said that rheumatologists don't want to treat fibro patients - they consider it to be a pain management issue. I've had similar experiences. We're falling through the cracks. Luckily I have a good PM doctor.

The first and only time I went to a rhem doc, it was a nightmare. He totally ignored all possible lupus test results and symptoms and wanted to load me up on anti-depressants. I don't know when I will find a new rhem doc, if ever.

I'm a little bit in your position. My rheumatologist told me when I first saw him that he was "one of the few that actually believes in fibromyalgia," as if I was supposed to feel honored. I also see an acupuncturist, who has done much more good for me (his idea of treatment is a 5 minute visit, pills and occasional shots which I don't want), and he makes fun of that. Now that I have heard that there is a substitute for lyrica which is cheaper, I called his nurse and asked if he could prescribe that, his response was--just stop taking the lyrica. This was one of the first meds I took; I know it works on the pain and fatigue. And he tells me just to quit cold turkey. I think it's time I quit him.


Oh.. hon.. Do not stop taking the lyrica cold turkey. I have been on it for years and mistakenly stopped taking it for one week.. the withdrawal symptoms were terrible.. severe fatigue.. head and neck pain. Ween yourself off slowly if possible... hugggs

Yes, run away fast. Thanks for the input everyone, I'm going to ask the internist if she'll continue to treat me after she's done weanng me off the narcotics. That would be great as my family doc is a loser also. He spends my whole appt. reading my chart, then rushes through often telling me I have to make another appt. since he doesn't have time. (we are limited to 15 min appt.) My lupus book says your docs are supposed to get together and co-ordinate your treatment. What a joke! Thanks again, Charlie :)

Charlie, can you use the internist as your PCP? Mine is, so I just have one doctor that I see for everything (plus a gyn for my yearly stuff).

It works out great for me. My internist treats my symptoms, my ex-rheum only treated my lab results. ;)

Hi I am in the process with all the testing my rheumatoid factor is very high but I do not have rheumatoid they say definetly fibro or lupus the pain at times is horrific

I'd love to do that, but I'm worried in case she moves or something. We have a bad doc shortage, and I'm afraid if I give up one I'll lose the one I have left. Jeez, that sounds confusing! lol. Charlie :)

good luck with the results. I hope you dont have lupus. Although, I am at the point I don#t know which is which, how do I know what symptoms to blame on fibro, and which ones I blame on lupus. Thanks, Charlie :)

Yea, it is what a dr believes in. I kinda forced my internist to put down the diagnosis because everyone else had. He did and released me as a patient.

I was wondering that exact same question as I read your post, Charlie. My rheumy knew I had fibro immediately, then he got the diagnosis confirmed with blood tests that ruled out (hopefully!) other illnesses.

I'll be honestly, I don't think I'd stick with a rheumy who didn't believe that fibro exists. In fact, I know I wouldn't. But on the plus side, at least you've found a good internist. So that's a start. Can she recommend a rheumy to you?

Oh my gosh, that's negligence if you ask me, for a doctor to tell you to quit taking Lyrica cold turkey. I went cold turkey off another anti-depressant years ago and felt very suicidal. It was horrible. Please please don't do it!

And gabapentin is similar to Lyrica but not exactly the same. For instance, I couldn't take Gabapentin because it gave me terrible headaches each time I took it. But it's definitely worth trying because if it works for you then you've got a great, cheap alternative med. to take.

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God grief! That's unnacceptable to me. I had a doc like that, would look into her laptop and type the entire time during my appointment, which wasn't very long. Charlie, you deserve to have a doc who listens to you, figures out some solutions and coordinates your treatment with others. My GP now sends me to other specialists, and I know that some are on the same software and have access to my medical chart. Your docs sound like the Keystone Kops, no offense, excepting your internist.

Hi Yokes,

I also hope you don't have lupus. IS there a reason why rheumatoid arthritis was ruled out since your RF is very high? I'm not asking in a tongue in cheek manner; I'm sincerely curious to know more about this, if you don't mind sharing. I didn't realize that a high RF could indicate lupus.

Good luck with the testing. It's hard enuff having fibro, so I hope that's all you have.

Petunia, my oldest son has an autoimmune disorder. His doctor isn't sure which one, because he's had antibodies for different things show up. He's had positive scleroderma antibodies twice, but his Rheum says he has no signs of having scleroderma. She explained it this way to us: all of the oddball antibodies just mean that there is something wrong with his immune system, but they give her no better answer than that, until the labs become more consistent and correlate with his symptoms.

My guess is that the same can happen with the RF Factor, and probably most (or all?) of the other antibodies.

A very apt comparison, LOL. The problem is we can't afford to be picky, there's a bad shortage of docs in Canada. Charlie :)

I don't know, I have found in the past that docs don't like you to bad mouth another. Mine didn't like when I asked to see a different rheumy. Any ways I'm definitely going to ask my internest if she can take over my treatment on for the fibro and lupus. Ill keep my fingers crossed :) Charlie.