Which kind of doctor do I need for fibro? Neurologist or Rheumatologist?

I have an appointment with my family doctor tomorrow and she's the one who referred me to an internist. Most of the people here refer to their Rheumatologist or Neurologist and i'd like to get a referral. I just want to make sure that i'm heading in the right direction and I was insulted by the internist who diagnosed me so I'm not interested in rushing back to her. I really want to find a doctor who had a good understanding of fibromyalgia and CFS(I'm still not convinced about the cfs diagnosis).

Guide me o wize ones...lol


i would say both. .but i would first call before making the appt and ask if the are familiar with and treat these illnesses.

hugssssss . keep in mind that neurologists treat many chronic pain illnesses as well



I'm definitely going to try and find out who has the most experience treating fibro. So it sounds like there"s no hard and fast rule. I really like my family doctor...we'll see what happens.

Thanks Ladies

Hugs Carolyn

Hi Carolyn

My rheumatologist doesnt treat fibro she treats my lupus and arthritis. She does stay in contact with my primary doctor about the fibro and makes suggestions. I do see a neurologist because of rest less leg and my rheumy likes me to see her once a year to check my neuro status

Thanks girls

This is all very helpful.

Hi Carolyn,

My GP sent me to a rheumatologist to confirm my diagnosis and to test for other things that can go along with fibro. But I only see the rheumatologist once or twice a year now. My GP does everything else and I like it that way.

I'm not sure what an internist or neurologist would do in terms of fibro. I would think you'd need to see a rheumatologist for the testing and diagnosis. Maybe you could talk to your doctor about her thinking on the matter. Is she the one who sent you to an internist? If so, you can ask her why you are going to one. It seems like your regular doctor could give you a good idea about which doctor is the appropriate one to see at this time.



Yes. It was my gp that referred me to the internist who diagnosed me. This will be the first app with my gp since then. So I'm anxious to hear what she has to say now that it has been confirmed. I'm pretty sure I have related conditions and would like to get confirmation so it sounds like a rheumatologist would be the way to go. Hopefully she knows of one who's familiar with FMS.

I'll let you know how it goes.



My lawyer says it needs to be documented by a rheum for SSDI, with a clear pattern of worsening symptoms.

I was diagnosed by my ruemy then sent back to my pcp. My pcp srnt me for a brin Mri and now am being treated by my nuerologist, and pcp. Who ever you get make sure that are aware of all the fibro info.