Another doctor....another dismissal of my pain

I went to another doctor and was told to take some Gabipentin that I knew I needed. When I asked about help for the nights I can't sleep because of the pain, she told me to take another pill of Gabipentin.

I'm so tired of being brushed off like the pain I feel is nothing.

They don't know how to treat it, that's why. My rheumy was perfectly honest and said none of the meds currently around help much with pain. So true! But he said a lot can be done with a good pain center.

Keep advocating for yourself. If you're not happy with your pain relief, ask for different options. If she can't come up with anything, ask for a referral to a pain center.

Good luck!

Dear trix,

It does't sound to me like you have found the right Dr yet. Is this joint pain, muscle pain, nerve pain? Like I was telling Petunia, gabapentin and Lyrica will only help nerve pain, not joint, bone or muscle pain.

Have you had x-rays of the areas that bother you the most, and is it a Rheumatologist?

Sorry I have asked so many questions, we usually look at your profile before answering, but not much info there.

I agree with Petunia, you have to be your own advocate, perhaps there is something there that they have not discovered. Sometimes you have to tell them you want an x-ray or a test!

Hope you can get some relief!



I went to a neurologist who works with people who hvave MS and fibro. they took xrays and blood work. I'm waiting on that now.

As far as symptoms, it's nerve, joints, bone and muscle. I also have back issues from 4 car accidents. I was told by a prior Orthopedic that I have early signs of arthritis.

I'm thinking of waiting to see what the results from my blood and xrays show from this doctor. Then go see a Rheumatologist. I at least have another doctor confirming I have Fibromyalgia. So, that is a positive at least.

Do pain clinics even help with pain medications? or do they do physical therapy?

Oh, I'm with you now. The car accidents are such a factor in this, seems as though if you don't have arthritis before, that opens the door! My heart is with you trix, I have been rear ended 3 times. The last one did me in!

You'll get there, they are looking in the right places. The xrays should tell them something. Hopefully they will give you an anti-inflammatory for the joint pain. If you take the OTC, make sure you always eat something, even if it's just a cracker, it will save your stomach!

I use Sports Cream, it's OTC from the grocery or drug store, it is amazing what it will do for joint and bone pain, but you cannot use a heating pad with it.

I am not a Dr, but I suffer from about the same thing, I have a degenerative autoimmune arthritis, along with fibro, and the car accident factor, so we have similar problems.

It sounds like they are on the ball, looking in the right places, it is just a process that you have to go through to get there. Hope they are moving along with this to get you the relief that you deserve.

Big hugs to you,


Pain management is about meds and injections, and other procedures.

This link describes the procedures available at most Pain management offices.

Hope this helps.

Hi Trix, most Dr’s don’t like to prescribe anything for pain, I suffered with migraines for 25 years before I found a pain management dr that would give me an unlimited amount of the only medicine that helped my migraine pain, so when I had constant neck pain from 4 herniated discs the pain management dr was not shy about giving me meds, now with the fibro for the past 2 years, my pain management dr is the one I go to for the pain. I hope you find the right Dr. For you, don’t stop looking unti you find one that cares about or at least understands your night time pain. My primary put me on gabipentin, but it made my headaches worse, so the pain dr. Told me to stop it and he replaced it with a muscle relaxer for bed time.
Hope this helps

I agree. I am sure to tell my docs what I think I need or would like to try and I do it to the point where I annoy them to agree. I am the patient. . it's my body. . .your body, take control.

good luck and sorry for such a sucky doctor!

I have an appointment with a pain center on Tuesday… hope I get a reasonable doctor.

Four herniated discs, surely you should have some sympathy and understanding about that! Forget the word 'Fibro' we are talking serious injury here! Hope you are getting some relief from your Doctor! So sorry to know about this!

I hope you get lucky and get a fabulous Doctor and successful treatment!

UGH! I got my test results from the doctor. They did blood work and xrays of my spine. They said all my blood looked fine except I have low vitamin D. Wow, I live in the northwest...go figure!

They said the x-rays looked like my back was perfectly normal. Ummm, I was in 5 car accidents. Two severe ones, one where I had to have shoulder surgery and every other xray I saw of my spine I could see it was messed up. Even an Orthopedic saw arthritis in my spine. Where as this Dr found nothing.

They told me to keep taking Gabipentin and if it flares up, take tylenol and advil. I just broke down. I am tired of doctors treating me like I don't have pain and they don't understand why I would have this much pain. My husband can't give me back massages, or neck massages. Just two nights ago he rubbed my leg and I screamed out in pain because it hurt to touch my skin. I have barely slept in 4 days. Not even Ambien is helping :(

I'm ready to give up. Nobody will give me anything to help on bad days when I can't sleep from the pain I'm in. How hard is it to get a medical marijuana card? I don't do pot, but, I'm desperate :( I just want to be pain free

Lack of vitamin D3 is a common problem for people with Fibro and autoimmune disease. It is also important to balance the cal/mag/d3. I know this from my Chiropractor. These are the supplements I get from him, they can also be ordered online. there is a 1001 and a 2001. Talk to your Doctor before adding any supplements to your meds.

I hope this helps you, I am not a Doctor, but will help you as a patient and friend in any way that I can. Adding the D3 may help you tremendously.

I don't know about you but to me that stuff is EVIL !! I wanted to jump off a bridge when I was given that. I don't know where you live but it sounds to me that your having the same issues as far as getting REAL medication for pain relief. I've posted a link to sign a petition about this problem in the state of Florida. Doctors are afraid to write a script for pain meds, pharmacists are afraid to fill them and patients are ending up in emergency rooms from withdrawal. Something needs to be done about having our pain eased and the DEA needs to back off. Please sign the petition that I posted the link to and maybe we can get some results in the entire country where this is happening. I wish you a happy and pain free weekend.

Love from me.............. Michelle

This website has the info on which states your an get it from, where you can get it in those states and the rules.

I have heard this too so I take Vitamin D3 Mag. it seems to be helping.