Doctor(s) in Las Vegas NV

Does anyone know of a good doctor that treats fibromyalgia in Las Vegas, and that I could get an appointment within a few days?

Hi Melinda and welcome! You've certainly asked a good and pertinent question. Here's what I suggested to someone else who had the same question:

Here's what I did to find a doctor. I had a horrible experience with my first rheumatologist, so I went on the computer and:

1. Googled the word "rheumatologist," along with my city and state plus the word "fibro."

2. Up popped quite a few names of rheumatologists in my area who were allegedly used to treating people with fibro.

3. I then took one of the names and typed it into the search area, followed by the word: "Reviews" (you could also use the word "ratings.")

4. Up popped the doctor in question and some reviews about his treatment. These reviews were from real patients.

5. Repeat as needed. You can do this with any type of doctor. There aren't always reviews or ratings available for a doctor, however.

You could also call the doctor's office to ask the person answering the phone how used to dealing with fibro the doctor in question is, and how comfortable is he with it. You could also ask how long he's been dealing with fibro patients and if he believes that fibro is a real illness or not. In fact, you might want to ask that last question first. Why bother asking any of the others if the doctor thinks that fibro is all in your head?

Hope some of this proves helpful to you and you get a quick appointment.

Good luck!


Thanks, I'll try that.

Have you found a good FMS doc in Las Vegas yet? If not, drop me a line and I'll contact my friend that has FMS/CFS. She seems pleased with whoever it is.

Happy New Year,


Hi,I live in Las Vegas. I would appreciate a referral. Thanks. Sue