Losing balance, fell down stairs

C'mon, what's up now? I'm bumping into walls, fell in the bathtub and fell down 14 steps! I can't sleep and as if I wasn't in pain before I sure am now. I did one of those bump, bump things we used to do on purpose as kids. Only then, I'd jump right up and go back to playing. Any suggestions? Can't figure why I'm suddenly more clumsy than usual. Also having trouble with double vision when on the computer.

Anyway, thanks for listening, any and all ideas are open for me! Gentle hugs and sweet days!

I live on my computer and had double vision problems. Mine are monocular diplopia perception by one eye of two images of a single object. Is yours the same or if you cover each eye one at a time you get a single image each time.

If this is the case, you may just need a pair of reading glasses with prism. Ask your eye doctor. I also have a lazy eye that will also add to my double vision after spending a lot of time on the computer. I tend to just keep it closed most of the time over the last 12 years. I get new prism glasses this week and I have high hopes they will help.

Yes, I am also bumping into walls, I have fallen down our stairs a few times. I suddenly loose my balance for no reason at all and I am usually on the ground before I notice that I am falling. I also drop a lot of things.

Hi, I am losing balance and falling more and more. I bump into things and it is embarrassing. A couple of days I fell in the airport. Suddenly I lose balance and once that happens there is no way I can save myself, like we used to in the younger days. I'm getting afraid to go places. So far I haven't hurt myself, but boy and I am sore the next day. If anyone knows the answer to this I'm sure a lot of people would be interested. Thanks for bringing up this, are we sure it is Fibro?

Gentle hugs, Tawny

I too have been having issues with balance, I constantly am falling, and My husband has a fit., I also have Osteoporosis -3.5 the Dr. for RA says its severe. I can't take the meds for it because I had a gastric bypass and the meds won't absorb properly, I can't answer if it is fibro or not, just know it happens more frequently lately.

Hi GrandBetsy. That doesn't sound like any fun at all. I know because I fell in the tub about a month ago. I went in for my Manual Therapy appointment and they were shocked at the lovely, huge bruise on my leg. Do you have a rubber mat in the tub? I had to go out and get one. Our tub is suppose to be "slip free" because it's slightly textured, but I needed more stability. I have also bumped into walls. One night I got up from bed to do something and my legs just went out from under me.

The fog we get with the fibro is a real problem. That can probably cause some of it.

Any kind of fall can be very dangerous. If this is new since your last visit with your doc you may really want to check it out with him/her. I've had to make some medication changes and it has helped me a lot. Some of the things we take to help us feel better can make us a little foggier. But, there are other things to consider as well.

I know that a lot of our friends on here use some sort of walking assistance. A cane or a walker may become necessary and if it is do not be ashamed or afraid to use them.

I googled "fibromyalgia and falling" and found many articles regarding the risks. Here is one.


I wish you the best. Please check with your doctor.


Clumsy is my middle name!!! In our house anything, breakable, small, valuable have to be placed accordingly basically because I drop,knock things,loose my balance and grab for something, and ‘oh no’ I’ve done it again!!
also, yes I have fallen down the stairs ( most recently about 1 month ago)

Now I never was the most ‘steady’ person, but from my perspective I believe 100% it’s due to fibro… My eyesight is sooo bad (I’m fairly certain that the double vision may be due to the ruck of medication I’m on.
There are probably some that disagree, but many more who completely and utterly agree.

Sorry, I haven’t really answered your question from a medical point of view, just my personal opinion.

Keep well - big hug from me


I am sorry to hear about your balance problems. I considered clumsy, and have been all my life. I thought I was just an active child. Anyway, today I have balance problems due to vertigo, week legs due to spondylolisthesis grade 1. I have had a total knee.

I would talk to your doctor to rule out obvious things like inner ear infections, vertigo, etc. If can see if the dr will prescribe a physical therapist. They will evaluate your balance and help you regain some control. I had a good PT who did not have good experience with FIBRO patients, however, she changed her tune when she met me, as I was willing to try it once and gage the pain the next day. In some cases you felt good pain like muscle strength and other days were you pushed to hard.

I still have balance problems, but I work on fixing it all the time with exercises the PT gave me to do at home and by doing yoga-bikram. I cannot do regular yoga as it hurts too much the next day.

Good luck, if you want to try to exercises, let me know there are simple ones you can do at home without any equipment.

Big hugs.

Wait until you get a doctor that tells you that you have developed crystals in your inner ear canals which is why you have lost all your balance for the last week leaving you unable to even walk. They then give you exercises you have to do every hour while you are awake tilting and rotating your head. This then causes a pain trigger that leaves you bed ridden for the next month.

If you get one of those doctors... find a good one that knows what FMS is... Please? :)

So glad your here to post this! It's called fibro fog! Really is startling. Also, are you on any new meds. Sometime they will throw you for a loop. I noticed that my inner ear trouble "vertigo" is worsened at times. Double vision, I remember a song called "Double Vision" years back, really liked that one. No, all kidding aside it is scary to fall. Did you check out all parts to make sure everything is proper order? I hope so. I hate stairs, there are four flights of stairs in my house and I dread them every single day for every reason you could imagine! Keep us posted!

This discussion is so interestIng! Last week, I endured an MRI of my brain to see if we could find out why I can’t walk a straight line. Yes, I know this is an old thread, but this is happening to me now. Is it possibly a side effect of many years of taking Gabapentin?

I have what is called “ear rocks” within my ear canals. They shift around & makes me lose my balance & sometimes fall. I took Gabapentin a Long time ago - I am allergic to it now. I have adapted to my dizziness by leaning against the bathroom sink to towel dry my hair, I do not look up w/my head anymore, I make sure my shoulder is leaning against something or have a hand hanging on while I bend down. I stumble over air, I must grab onto something when I get up off of a chair, making U-turns makes my head spin, I grab a door jamb or a wall to keep from falling.
4 Wednesdays ago I fell in the bathroom. I had to pee in the middle of the night, I got up & stayed sleepy so when I was done I could fall asleep easier. I have a 10" raised toilet seat, I sat, I fell asleep, I woke up & my legs were asleep. I decided to lean on the sink corner & wiggle each leg to get the feeling back. I am not sure what happened, did I fall asleep again? did my left foot askew when I put my weight on it to wiggle my right leg? I felt myself falling to my left side & I thought “Oh no The Heater” & then I fell on the heater. I don’t know if I passed out, I Do remember my knees hurt like the Dickens, but I had to force myself to kneel on them to crawl to the tub to get myself to stand up. I made it to my bed & laid back down & fell asleep.
In the morning when I woke up I couldn’t roll out of bed I couldn’t sit up I was Stuck & Terrified & for the 1st time I had to tell my phone to call my daughter. She came & got me out of bed & took me to my PCP’s office. I severely sprained my left foot, I had enormous bruises on my knees & my entire left side of my body Throbbed. It wasn’t until the Next Wed. that my Niece had to take me to my PCP’s office that we found out that I had “broken” broken ribs they had not punctured my lung but had punctured the lining that lined my lung. My PCP was So mad & I don’t know if someone got disciplined or fired.
Broken bones take twice as long to heal w/Fibro. I cannot go to my Chiro until they are completely mended. That scares me too. So, for All of you who are wondering what the Heck is going on, could it be this or could it be that… you Need to Advocate for Yourself. Talk to your MD & get tested for “ear rocks”. There is a name for it but I always spell it wrong (miniers disease). At least get it ruled out.
Love, Light & Peace…Maggi.