Low Dose Naltrexone?

Has anyone tried this? I have seen some pretty promising studies with it. It’s fairly new. It seems to be a bigger deal in Europe so far than the US. I was mostly interested because of the extremely low incidence of side effects and because it has shown in the studies to help more than just the pain.

Haven't heard of it before but thank you for telling us about it. Is it available in the US or is it only in Europe? I'm especially interested in the fact that it apparently helps more than just the pain. I mean, shouldn't doctors be looking for ways to treat the illness itself, not just the symptoms?

I have read about this Willow, I do not know of anyone who has tried it though. Not sure if the AMA has embraced this idea. Have you asked your Dr about it yet?

Ntrexome itself has been FDA approved for a while something like 30ish years. It just has only been recently tested on fibromyalgia patients. They have been trying it longer on other pain patients like MS patients. I haven’t had a chance to ask my doc yet. My appointment isn’t until the 10th.

I go later in July, but will surely ask his opinion of it.

I just have seen how successful the studies show it with MS and with the recent trials with fibro and with the most common and one of the only side effects reported at the dosage being more vivid dreams.. it couldn't hurt to try.

With all the other things I have besides Fibro, I am out on this possibility then, I do take mophine when nothing else will do.

What is the adverse affect? From my understanding of it, you can take the opiates, it just blocks the "high" feeling you get from it. My dad said he THOUGHT it was prescribed (especially in the case of addicts with real pain) so that they can take something to manage the pain without the addiction possibility.

Thank you for all the info. The last link doesn't seem to be working? I wanted to get some scientific stuff to take my rheumatologist to see if he will prescribe it for me. And it is off label prescribing it not so much for the dose but because the FDA has not indicated it officially for the treatment of the disease. But I have seen this so much from foreigners and I am excited about the prospect, especially given the extremely low incidence of side effects. More vivid dreams? I can totally handle that.

The Mercola link works fine for me, it is the Dr. Whitaker one that doesn't.