Low grade fever! Help

Hello!! I’m a newbie here and very glad I joined. I was diagnosed with FM back in June after almost 2years of aches, pains and later IBS. I am still in the process of understanding my body and trying to figure out what is FM and what it is not? In the past 6 months specifically I went through several MRIs, zillions of blood work, xrays, etc and thankfully it all came back ok, so I got a diagnose by exclusion of FM.

Lately I’ve been getting low grade fevers (100.1f), I read in another network that it could be FM, has anyone else experienced this? I currently take Lyrica, and if necessary Norflex and Relafen.

Is it FM or am i just going crazy!!! I greatly appreciate any feedback and comments!

Not sure about that one... but it could be inflammation or you could have an infection... Best to check with your Dr. whenever you begin having new symptoms....never just assume it is a fibro thing. I hope you break the fever...and call your Dr.

Huggs, Belinda

Hi Jess,

Although I am new to this forum and fibro, I havent heard about fevers being a symptom. I suggest you call your primary for an appointment because that sounds suspicious for an infection like Belinda said.

Drink lots of water, and I hope you feel better.

gentle hugs

I run a fever quite often I also have lupus and that is a symptom of it also. The one time I waited to call the doctor I wound up in the hospital for a week with an infection. It is always better to have the doctor check than to wait. I hope you are better soon. Let us no.

Hi welcome !! I have low grade fever before it could just be inflammation, but stay on top of it, because it could be infection somewhere, and being an adult you dnt want to go pass really 100 mark, good luck! Maybe ask doc to run some blood better safe than sorry

Thanks everyone. Fever gone today! Consulted with Reuma and she mentioned it could be body adjusting to new Lyrica dosis. I was change from 50mg to 75mg on Monday. She also mentioned inflammation as a possibility, since I don’t feel bad or “under the weather”. I guess I just need to keep a close look to all symptoms!!

Thanks again for the support and comments!!