Hey guys,

I saw my rheumy yesterday and was put on Lyrica 75mg and got a joint/soft tissue shot (corticosteriod) for my shoulder since the joint is out of line which is possibly from my scoliosis and has been painful and very stiff. But anyway, I just wanted to know if any of you have been put on Lyrica or are currently taking it, and what you think about and if it helps you.

I was put on lyrica first before I tried anything else and I have an intolerance to it. The room almost always seamed to be moving and I had blurry vision. The first night I took it I shook like crazy, it was kinda scary. I hope it does well for you, and that you get some relief.

I just started taking it last night, but I haven't noticed anything different. So hopefully it works out.

hey i'm on lyrica 225 mg 3 times daily, i find it helps with daily pain but not so much for flare ups unfortunately! i've only been on lyrica for 4 weeks and already at maximum dosage

Have you had any bad side effects?

If I take the 225 mg in afternoon if get extremley forgetfull, but other than that dry mouth I don’t think I’ve drank so much water in my life :slight_smile: my dr just dropped my afternoon and night dosage to 150 mg! Hope it works for you

Ok thanks :)

I've tried Lyrica when it came out - didn't work at all. I've also tried Cymbalta and had horrific reactions. I used to take so many drugs and I realized that these synthetic chemicals were making me sicker with so many side effects. I am much better since I started taking natural supplements prescribed by a holistic doctor.

Hi Cayce,

I have taken Lyrica for about 6 years now. Started with Gabapentin, that made me 'reel', so Doc put me on Lyrica, I take 225 mg 3x day. Water retention is my biggest problem with it. On 'good days' I cut back or don't take it, and am able to throw off the fluid.

My diagnosis has gone past FMS, though I still suffer it, and gone onto Psoriatic Arthritis, Raynaud's, Sjogrens, Spinal Stenosis. I take Lyrica mostly for Sciatica, but it helps with all nerve pain.

To me it is a life saver, Sciatica is between being slashed down the back of the leg with a razor, and an electrical shock.

Not sure if my thinning hair is from the Lyrica, or the Autoimmune disease.

Wishing you well,


Hi samiey, try sugarless candy, it can help a ton. The crystal lite ones last a long time too

I tried it, had bad side effects and stopped. . .

Have any of yall had an increase in leg cramps taking it? I'm on my 5th day I think and ever since I started it, I've noticed an increase in my leg cramps. Otherwise, I haven't had any problems.

Hi Cayce,

The Lyrica site states that you may have side effects before you have relief, leg cramps are not listed as part of these. It would be difficult to tell you if some of my leg pain is from Lyrica or not, since I had them to begin with. Do tell your Doctor since this is not typical. Back to site info, they tell you to give Lyrica a chance to help you. I take Lyrica for Sciatica, that is horrible nerve pain, Lyrica gave me instant relief from that.

Call your Doc Tuesday just to be sure!


Ok thanks. Leg cramps are "normal" for me, just not this often or for this long. I looked at the full medication guide on their website and way down in the other adverse reactions area, it does list leg cramps as a frequent complaint. Granted, that can mean only a few people complained about it so they had to list it. But I will definetly get in contact with my doctor this week.

Hi! I'm on lyrica 150 2x a day. It took me a really long time to build up to this dose (I'm generally sensitive to all the meds). The main symptoms I got in the beginning were feeling kind of drunk or high whenever I increased the dose, being drowsy and getting a dry mouth. If I went up really slowly, the symptoms were less severe, and now I don't have any. I think it helps take the edge off. If I wake up and my neck and shoulder are all kinked and hurting, with shooting pain down my arm, then it will turn it more into a localized ache. It doesn't eliminate provoked pain (like if you do something that is one of your triggers), but I think it helps reduce the unprovoked pain. Of course, everyone is different. My dr suggested going up to 450, but I need my brain at the moment so I might hold off on that, if I try it at all. I'm also on tramadol 200 extended release, which is another option if the lyrica doesn't work. I definitely agree with FibroChou that adding holistic treatments is another thing to try!!

Oh, and I wanted to add -when I got put on gabapentin, I got lots of muscle spasms and I had to stop taking it. It's not one of the listed side effects, but that's what happened. Lyrica makes my muscles twitchy, so I could imagine that it might cause cramping as well. How is it working for you now? Hope you're all having a good day!

So far so good I guess. The leg cramps have gone down in frequency. I started taking two a day last Saturday. I haven't noticed much of a change and the only side effect type things I'm getting is that drunk feeling like you said and drowsiness. It has helped me sleep better; I'm actually able to lay down and fall asleep. As for the pain, not much relief.

Hi Cayce,

Love the dolphin photos, looks like you made a good friend there!

Hope the Lyrica brings some relief soon, if now surely the Doc will have something in mind for you, sometimes you need to try more than one med!

Good luck, feel better!


That's the kind of fun I was able to do a year ago before I got worse.

Thanks for the well wishes SK. Hope you are well.

Hi Cayce,

There is nothing that says that you can't get better, and do some fun things again, sometimes it just takes a while to get the right meds and maybe even the right diet in place!

Thanks for the well wishes, stay positive, give yourself a chance to get used to the meds, see if they will work, if not, on to the next med!