I have not tried Lyrica yet. I have heard numerous times it makes you gain a rediculous amount of weight. And being that I am already overweight, I can't afford to gain anymore. Is it really worth trying and seeing what happens. What is everyones take on Lyrica? Experiences and side effects?


I'm on it. I'm also overweight but haven't changed any since the Lyrica came into my life. Helps the pain a little, takes the edge off, I think. Side effects? I've been dizzy and tired but don't know if it's the lyrica or the fibro. Think it might tbe the fibro.

I think it's worth trying, esp. if you get pain relief.

Ive taken Lyrics it didn't help didn't gain weight I cant remember if I had bad sindeaffects or. not that was in march its worth a try if it helps

Hi Chelle,

I have taken Lyrica for years, and would not want to be without it. I do have some trouble retaining fluid once in a while, when that happens, I have to stop it for a day or two, and it just runs it's course, and I go back on.

I have Sciatica and it is very effective for any type of nerve pain. I think that being inactive is against us in the first place as far as weight gain, right now I have been losing for months, so am happy for that.

I do know that most Doctors would gladly give you a safe and effective diet plan to help you structure your meals, and many have gone on and stayed on an anti-inflammatory diet with very good results for better health and better weight, even if you go on gradually, you do not feel like you are missing out on as much.

If you have nerve pain, this is the best med I have found to date. It is worth a try! I wish you success!



I tried lyrica, but cause horrible swelling of my hands and feet.

Can you take Gabapentin?

I've never heard of it

Been on Lyrica since February and wouldn’t function without it. Please be sure you get on a correct dose. It also stopped a lot oft headaches and dizzy spells for me. I have had weight gain (15 lbs or so since I started) so I am talking to my doc about that as I don’t eat horribly and my job is physical. But I have also known plenty of people who have taken it a lot and never gained weight. My grandpa was able to lose weight while taking it.

I loved the gabapentin it helped with the pain but it turned out i could not take it. I've been on Lyrica and I'm no where near skinny i did see a 5 pound increase in three months but i also had just had surgery to remove my gallbladder and wasn't moving around much. I haven't seen any gain since in fact I've been losing.

Well, I just saw a new rheumatologist and here's his take on it: he doesn't like to prescribe Lyrica because of the side effects of weight gain, dizziness and sleepiness. Fair enough, as these are all side effects of the drug. Now here's my take on it: I don't care. I'll take the side effects to even get a little pain relief. So glad that my GP will prescribe it for me. I mean, how to cope with the pain, otherwise?

PS: I've just lost 3 pounds while on it. As I said, I'm overweight as it is but I haven't gained any on Lyrica.

Hmmmm...I wonder if that's what caused my fingers to swell? Interesting. Thanks for mentioning this. And I'm sorry that happened to you. I hope you've found something else to take in its place.

Hi Pet,

So is the dx still FMS? Is he doing anything for you, taking any x-rays?

Hi SK! Yup, still fibro dx. No x-rays, he doesn't think anything else is going on. I hope he's right on this, I'm happy to hear it. He suggested another pain mgmt. place in the Greater Boston area, Spaulding Rehab in Medford, for those of you in New England. He said they can help a lot with pain mgmt. if the one I'm at doesn't work.

Thanks for asking! It was nice to talk to a rheumy who talked back, took the illness seriously and had a lot of suggestions.

So glad to hear it Pet! You are so very deserving of a good Doc!

I am already overweight and Lyrica has not caused weight gain. I believe I lost 15 pounds since January without dieting.

I would recommend trying it - if it doesn’t work then you can work with your dr to stop taking it.

Good luck,

I'm currently taking lyrica. I've been on it for about 2 months now. I think it helps take the edge of the pain and it helps me get sleep. It has caused dizziness and fatigue for me. As well as, some weight gain, but I think it is mainly water weight because it's been causing a lot of water retention in my legs and feet.