Medication how much is too much?

I am a new to FMS treatments and I am taking 75mg Effexor in morning with 200mg Tramadol ER and 300mg Gabapentin and than in the evening I take 75mg Effexor and 30 mg Gabapentin.

My philosophy in life has always been if you don't have to take meds don't. But for the past 3 or 4 years I started taking Tramadol and Ibuprofen 800mg and Vicodin to deal with the pain. When you feel like poo all the time and the only thing that helps are the meds you adapt and put your philosophy on the back burner.

I am starting to feel a little better I guess because of the meds. My wife has to remind me how bad it was because of course I am a man and us men, most of us, need reminding about everything.

So now I struggle with I am taking too much medicine and how do I know if I don't need it anymore? Because it's not like I can get off any of this stuff I am taking for a day or two to check.

Ahh the dilema of us all. I’m still in pain but, I do remember the days when taking the meds on a regular basis and feeling really good. And then one time I messed my refil schedule up and it was a holiday weekend and I ran out. Oh boy I don’t ever make that mistake again. I promised myself that that day. I was a miserable mess.

Talk to your doctor and maybe you can see about titerating yourself down on the dosage.

Good luck!

Caren, tell the pharmacy you need a vacation refil. Usually they give you a 4day leeway refill, tell them its a vacation refill and it should refill a week sooner. I get 3 per year. You may have to call your insurance
But I would just try the pharmacy first

Good luck

Hi ablood, I am no doctor but the dose of gabapentin you are in is low according to my docs. I take 900mg three times a day and I have been told that some people take upwards of 1500 mg three times a day. The gabapentin is what has really helped me. Also, a muscle relaxer (Zanaflex) a couple of hours before bedtime so I can be a bit more relaxed when I sleep. And, of course, my old frEnd, Ambien CR for sleep. Everyone is different so talk to your doc.

Also, on the gabapentin, you have to work up to a dose that helps you. I started on 300 mg 3 x day and went up gradually to the 900.

Hi ablood,

Even pulling of your meds to fine out carries serious consequences for us all besides side affects.

First of all i was took off Ibuprofen because of bleeding to the stomach.

ablood i was taking plaquenil as i have Lupus not fibro but both diseases carry identical symptoms, after a year and half i pullled off the drug quick because it was'nt working no more and my god did i know about it pure shakes/ in the end i took it again but used my head chipped some off the tablet daily and within just over 7days i was off it and no affects.

In my opinion i'd only come off the meds if your specialist says so because otherwise they're helping you by the sounds of things and we all have our days of aching being stronger than usual.


As to my thoughts on the meds, usually most Doctors will not give you enough of a medicine to make a difference, or much of one. If you are having bad side effects from them they may be too strong, consult your Doc asap.

My Rheumatologist told me that sometimes you just don't realize how much a med is helping you until you stop it! I know how much my Lyrica helps me, because without it my Sciatica is unbearable, without the Oxiprozin, my arthritis us beyond unbearable, the Enbrel, I know it is working, as I take the max dosage shot every Friday at 5:00, and Friday is my worst day, every single week, Thursday is not always great either, I feel it wearing off.

There are some who cannot tolerate the AMA meds, I feel sorry for them, as in my opinion this is not easily helped with naturals, at least not for long. I am a firm believer in the quality of life right now! Forget the macho stuff and be at your best, bud!

Just my personal, nonmedical opinion.

Wishing you WELL,


What are AMA meds?.... and I want to be macho :0) Macho Macho Man, I've got to be a Macho man, remember that song?

American Medical Association, meaning Legal DRUGS, not supplements.

Yes, I do remember that song! It was a 'strutter'! LOL! I thought you were too young for that one! Guess not! Well, my grandson, the 9 year old knew 'YMCA'! HA!

We were playing army men vs cowboys and indians/aliens and some were in some strange positions, I told him they either looked like cheerleaders or the Village People doing YMCA, he cracked up, knew exactly what I was talking about, so he decided that they would be the ones eaten by the dinousaurs! Yep! My house looks more like Toys R Us everyday!

You can always ask your doctor if you can reduce the dosages little bit at a time, like Pumpkin suggested. You might be able to get down to the minimal dose and still maintain your present level of relief. Also, it is natural to become psychologically dependent on them. I was afraid to stop the Tramadol for awhile, but then I accidently took double dose and ended up in atrial fibrillation and the ER. That did it. Long story but it broke my fear of stopping them and replaced it with the fear of my heart stopping. :')

I managed to get rx free. How? Reduced my stress levels and then the diet, and removed all the chemical smelly things in the house, modified my activity etc. Now if I could only control the weather. I never could tolerate the meds so I had to find any way I could to control my environment and anything else that my body would react to. Sometimes that means eliminating toxic people too. It all helps. Just remember eveyone's body if different and just because your a man doesn't mean you have to have bigger doses, you might do very well with much lower. Don't know unless you try, but have doctor wean you down.