New and need advice


I'm new here and recently diagnosed with FMS. I have a question about my medications. I am currently taking the following:

This list is what I have been on (and currently on) before FMS:

Amitriptyline (for sleep)

Valium (for anxiety)

Pristiq (for depression)

Topamax (for migraine headaches)

This list is what my pain management DR. prescribed for my FMS:


Gabapentin (800 mg / 3 times a day)

Hydrocodone (7.5 mg / 2 times a day)

The hydrocodone 7.5 mg is actually a "weaning" dosage down from 10 mg / 3 times a day. I was on the 10 mg for almost a year while I was getting epidural injections in my neck for a bulging disc.

My pain is not well controlled with the 7.5 mg hydrocodone. I take it at the same time as the gabapentin. I had some of the 10 mg hydrocodone pills left over and did and "experiment" for "one day only". I took the 10 mg hydrocodone with the gabapentin and had amazing results. My pain level was down to nearly a "1" on the pain scale!! I got my life back for that one day. I was able to clean my house and go out to dinner with my family.

So.....My question is : Should I ask my Dr. to prescribe the 10 mg / 3 times a day??

Thanks so much for any replies,


Hi, Maddy. Welcome.

I appreciate your candor about the experimentation, but I just want to caution you not to experiment with any prescription medication in the future. It can be an unsafe concoction you certainly didn’t plan. Many meds are carefully titrated up or down by doctors for just this reason and to avoid other serious issues. You are also now unwittingly in an awkward position with your doctor as they will likely ask why you want to titrate back up to the higher dose and you will need to explain your experiment’s success. I can understand it is tempting to try on your own, but please resist. Your doctor should be lead counsel in partnership with you on your prescription meds. I am simply looking out for your wellbeing.

Best wishes,


Hi Maddy,
I , too would like to welcome you to this site and this group where you can make good friendships of caring , supportive and compassionate people . There is a lot of information available here . I do want to ‘ditto’( agree) with what Laurie said to you . I have been fortunate to have a wonderful medical doctor, physicians assistant and a neurologist to work with. I am open and truthful with them as I feel their confidence and compassion for which I am truly grateful. These medicines that you and many others myself included are by no means light weight drugs and its best to be safe . Drop by in the chatroom if you wish . People are in and out of there at all different times and I would to chit chat with you as well .
All the best and–

Hi Maddy,

I say: go ahead and ask your doctor. However, many doctors are apprehensive in prescribing multiple meds in conjunction. I am still in search of by pain doctor who “truly” understands my plight. Nerve pain is difficult to control. I have been told most meds only bring nerve pain down 30 %.

If you were able to get to a “1” pain level w certain meds, certainly ask. I pray you are able to communicate your request and that the doctor will comply if he/she feels you are able to handle them, safely.

Blessings - Barber Girl

I was given topomax with my pain meds for fibro.