Moving forward

I’m 67 and have suffered with fibro for over 10 years. Enough is enough. I have decided that the severe pain,depression,inability to lose weight because the joints have become deconditioned has to stop! I went to a pain management physician and took the leap to Lyrica. He wanted me to take 2 a day and Flexoril 3 times a day. Instead I take 1 Lyrica in the am and 1 flexoril during the evening if I cant sleep. I feel 25% better- better then nothing. I force myself to swim every day and have started on Keto. Down 42 pounds. I know it’s not easy. I’ve been a nurse for 46 years and my back is paying for it. But I refuse to let fibro take control. We are stronger than that! Seize the day.


Good on ya, Roe! I don’t know if that’s your intention, but maybe once you’ve used the meds enough and started to feel quite a bit better altogether you might be able to go down on them. 42 pounds, wow!! I also think we need to take control of the dose. Then again my pain doc ‘forcing’ me to take amitriptyline up forced the decision to stop taking it after 4 months, when the 8 adverse effects had got too much and the positive effects not enough. Much the better for stopping after that, but I did need it for awhile, cos I didn’t know how else to get the many things that woke me up at night under control. I hope you can keep the side effects of sleepiness, dizziness, dry mouth, problem with vision, and weight gain etc. of the lyrica/pregabalin under control, these were all reasons for me to stop amitriptyline, tho not the main one.

Now I have the ‘wakers’ under control, but am still waking up too much, so to get that down, I’m experimenting with melatonin or now CBD oil. Again, like perhaps in your case, taking down the dose from 3 to 1mg has stopped the side effects, whilst slight positive effects are developing. Still a lot of mind work to do on it tho…
No, never give up trying to find a way to get it better. Fibro is telling us to adjust, not meaning us to succumb to doing nothing any more. Hope your depression is under control? That’d be a major one I’d think. Weren’t you suggested duloxetine or amitriptyline for that? Lyrica is more for anxiety I think… - I’m surprised it wasn’t suggested to me now I’m comparing the two… O.o

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Hi :blush: welcome to the community, this is a great place to share and be understood get and give advise comfort and some members heal with humor. I have found hydrotherapy ( water exercise) very beneficial to keep the sedentary aches and pains of fibromyalgia at bay, pacing myself is key to not causing a flair . I can see how swimming would be great cardio, easy on the joints and beneficial to weight loss so good for you for starting! I too have had to self adjust the doctors preferred dosage of medication or stop some completely , I think it’s important to be an advocate of your own health , I’m also careful to let the doctors know when I’m altering a treatment plan , I’ve always worried about being considered non- compliant :crazy_face:. I appreciate the fact that my doctor has always given me the facts but also allows me to be the expert on the side affects , complications, or what I can tolerate as I’m the one dealing with the multiple chronic illnesses not him. Weight loss is a similar journey I share , 45 pounds is amazing ! It’s important to me to get as healthy as possible despite the rest of my medical issues. I wax and wane in enthusiasm on the process lol but never give up on myself nor should you ! Keep on keepin on !

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