Muscle spasms in lower back

This is a new thing for me over the last two months. I’ve had fibro since 2008, but other than muscle spasms in my legs at night, I didn’t find them to be a big problem. Now, I get spasms in my lower back. They are so painful that if I’m at home, I yell in pain. My doctor had me get an xray which resulted in me having degenerative osteoarthritis in my lower spine. Not surprising because I have it in my neck, too. But this feels like something else. Only recently I started to think it was from fibro. Does anyone else experience this?

I had this without knowing it was happening or related to the fibro because of all the other stuff going on back there due to the train wreck. The mis-firings, supposedly, in my brain due to the fibro–read nerve ending irritations–was causing this. In other words, the fibro, via mis-firings in my brain translating to my nerve endings in the muscles in my lower back, was causing my muscles in my lower back to be in a constant state of spasm. Could you follow all that without a flow chart? LOLOLOL :wink:

By the time I found a doctor who knew what was going on, the spasms had twisted, again apparently, my muscles to the point where they were not only so hard that you could bounce pool balls off them (without my even feeling it), but also they were messing with my discs and twisting my spine.

Gabapentin stops the mis-firings in my brain. Or at least gets them under control. And then my muscles started to unwind. And the real fun started. All those muscles started screaming at me. Joy, fun! NOT! The muscles were left almost unable to support my trunk. The doctor compared them to a wrung-out dishrag.

As long as I take the Gabapentin, my muscles won’t cramp up again. I must say, since I’ve been on the Gabapentin, my migraines have lessened. Which also leads me to wonder if the fibro, in a round-about-way, was responsible for some of my migraines.

My two cents.


I am on Gabapentin, but I only take it at night. Perhaps I need to rethink that strategy.
Thank you for sharing. That definitely helped.

I am on medical marijuana for muscle spasms, nerve pain, insomnia, and overall pain from fibromyalgia. I have had 2 back surgeries as well. The muscle spasms are doing well. I have no more shooting or stabbing pains through out my body. I am sleeping and more mobile. Nothing else worked for the nerve pain. Not gabapentin (spelling sorry). Medical marijuana is not a miracle drug, but if used correctly can help cut down the use of very serious drugs for fibromyalgia and arthritis. Much safer on my system and less side effects. Best to you all.

Hi, that was one of my earlier symptoms of fibro…my muscles would sometimes spasm in the shower , and i could not get out…

Do you take magnesium and malic acid? With fibro we need those desperately…

Also i use a topical pain reliever on the low back which helps and do back exercises…

At times i have physical therapy, aftr the flu this year my muscles were so weak, so i am having therapy to strengthen…

Just remember whatever symptom you are having, there is some way to move forward and improve…


I have had Fibro for over 20 years and I get bad muscle spasms in I low back. I find that the more I over do the more likely I am to get muscle spasms. I have a prescription for Cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril) all the time just for these muscle spasms. Additionally I get muscle spasms in my neck as well. I am not sure if your muscle spasms are from Fibro but for me it is pretty clear. I hope you find some relief soon. All the best Elaine

This is a tricky thing. I had extremely bad muscle spasms in my legs for years. It was blamed on my fibro. It got to the point it was debilitating to me. I went to a spine dr. and found out by having an MRI that I had a disc that was bone on bone. Once that was corrected, I rarely have problems with the muscle spasms in my legs. Problem is, I had multiple MRI’s on my spine and was told everything was fine. I do have osteoarthritis in my spine as well. Sometimes, it is difficult to diagnose a spinal issue unless it is real bad. If it gets worse, get a re-check. I have had two spinal surgeries.

I don’t have muscle spasm in my lower back (just pain), but get horrible muscle spasm in my side abdominal muscles. I take Lyrica (which doesn’t do much) and massive doses of magnesium. When a spasm occurs, if I apply Magnesium body gel, it helps.

I keep trying to up my dose of magnesium because I think my body wants more, but then diarrhea starts. I take calcium, magnesium, and B12 for pain. I thought I saw somewhere on the boards that Vitamin D can help too, so I’m going to add that to my regimen. Too bad these over-the-counter supplements and pain killers aren’t covered by insurance. I spend a small fortune on it.

Hale, I am horrified that you were in pain for years and only when it became debilitating that you were sent to a spine doctor!! Grrr…

Thank you for your kind words. I am 63 yrs old and am one of those people who suffered from unexplained pain since my 20’s. Back then doctors didn’t recognize anything they couldn’t see. At least, fibromyalgia is recognized today. Lots of research needs to be done to find a way to help with pain. I am in a Medical Marijuana program and I am finally finding relief to my overall pain.