Muscles Twitching and Jerking... Is this part of your fibro syndrome?

Lately I notice that my muscles will spasm by uncontrollably jerking and often this wakes me up at night. I also find my hands will begin shaking and I can do nothing to make them stop.

I will be laying on the sofa watching tv and my foot will twitch a few times. I can’t control the movement and do not know if this is something others experience? I do not remember reading about this on the site before.

I have experienced these muscle issues several times over the past year. However, it is now happening every day and I have not made any medicine changes so I don’t think it is a side effect of something I am taking.

Any insight would be much appreciated!


Can I ask what brand you take and the amount of magnesium you take? Do you take it with other supplements?

Thank you for sharing

I get something very similar. I'll be asleep and all of a sudden my arm or leg will jerk and awaken me from sleep. For a while it was happening 4-5 times a night or more. Really freaked me out. Then I thought maybe it was due to the Lyrica I'm taking. But maybe it's the fibro. I just find it interesting that you've got something so similar. I'd also like to know if others experience this. And thanks for bringing it up, it's one of those things I was wondering about.

LOL, Fibro blahblahblah! That sums it up perfectly!

Magnesium, huh? Thanks for the suggestion.

Ditto on the Magnesium. It got rid of my "restless leg syndrome" that I was getting during the night.

i have muscle spasms too. they started after a bad fall on the ice but i think it is a fibro thing too. i take klonipin 1mg at night and it seems to control the spams all day even though its not supposed to last for 24 hours. one night while spending the night at my friends my legwas spasming for three hours and hitting the wall. she lives in an apartment and the neighbor called the police. at the time i was out of the medicine cause my dr was out of town and i couldnt get a refill. i had now idea i was doing it and my friend didnt hear me cause she was in the other room watching tv cause she couldnt sleep. she had the cop come in and show him i was doiing this in my sleep he didnt know what to think. she is used to my spasms cause even on the medicine if i have done too much my whole body will spasm and shake a king size bed. i hope u can get some help if they r really bothering u and causing problems with your work and sleep.

This may be an answer, just remember this is not a diagnosis, I am not a Dr.

I’m scared now, SK! I’m going to make an appointment with my neurologist.

Thanks for sharing everyone

I didn't show you this to scare you. I twitch too, have had 3 brain MRIs and nothing showed. My eyes are the worst, but they have always twitched, just more now.

Having a neurologist rule thing out is not a bad idea. I went to one of those, no two of those, before my current Rheumatologist for all of the nerve and muscle tests, all was normal except for mild carpal tunnel.

I know but thank you. I would rather know the real possibilities. I can do without sugar coating.

No kidding! Okay, I've got to get some because I always get jerked awake when it happens and it's disconcerting.

If you're experiencing dizziness, report it to your neurologist too. My rheumy recommended this.

Yes it's part of fibro. I take magnesium for it, and some doctors suggest tonic water before bed, asd the quinine in the tonic water helps muscle twitching/spasms. I have some twitches so little I have to look to see if an ant is walking on my skin, and others so bad it has broken small bones in my foot. Vitamin B complex and vitamin D also helpd me, as they heal the central nervous system.

it may be your medication. this happened to me when i was taking meds so my doc and i researched the interactions between the meds and sure enough two kinds of meds I was taking caused muscle spasm and twitching. I stopped taking the meds together and the twitching stopped.Its bn yrs since i took meds and no twitching of any kind since then. I don't think its a fibro thing more so a side effect issue . . .

try researching the interactions of your meds. hope you find some answers