My Story...Is It Fibro?

I'm 28, live in a small town in Arkansas, and I have been experiencing wide spread pain for at least 2 months now. I can't sleep because I'm hurting and I'm tired because I can't sleep. I have had some family members and friends with fibromyalgia say I could possibly have it. I went to the doctor a month ago and they just now called me back (I saw a nurse practitioner because the doctor moved). They tested me for everything they could think of (mono, leukemia, thyroid, etc.) and the tests came back clear. I have made an appointment with a new doctor in hopes that he'll believe me that I'm hurting and give me something to help (my nurse practitioner wouldn't even suggest anything to help me sleep). I went on Wednesday (July 9)...I made an appointment with a doctor that is known for being fibro-friendly, but I can't get in to see him until October 6 (I'm supposed to be getting married October 10th, and I'd like to get some sleep before then...and feel like working on wedding stuff).

When my nurse practitioner asked me what was going on, all I could say was "I hurt all over and I know this isn't normal. I can't sleep but I'm exhausted. I'm upset a lot because of being so tired and hurting. It feels like the worst flu ever without the stomach problems." Last week I couldn't even stand for my fiancé to touch me...and he was being sweet and trying to rub my back to help me feel better. I've had joint pain for the past 14 years now (mainly hips and knees, but sometimes in my hands too) so at first I thought it was possibly arthritis....however, this is more in my body than in my joints. Anyway, any tips or suggestions would be wonderful.

I have all kinds of questions. I nearly cried when my nurse practitioner called yesterday to tell me my blood tests were normal and said "it's probably just a virus, give it a while to pass." I let her know if it was a virus, it wasn't passing because it's hung around for a couple months now. She just acted like I was making it all I'm searching for pain pills, even though my charts show where I've told doctors before that I don't even want to take medicine I need and do my best to deal with stuff without taking medicine. It's just frustrating.

I went to the new doctor last Wednesday where they drew more blood and tested for anything and everything they could think of. I was told I have inflammation somewhere in my body, they gave me 2 steroid shots, prescribed a steroid pack and a month of Soma muscle relaxers (to help me sleep). I got a call the next day (Thursday) saying my vitamin d was a little low and they prescribed some vitamin d. They called again on Friday to see how I was doing and when I explained that I was still hurting, the nurse said "well, in my personal opinion it's just from having really low vitamin d." I told her she needed to look at the chart again because my vitamin d wasn't much lower than normal. What frustrated me was the doctor had mentioned on Wednesday that he'd like to refer me to a rheumatologist...when I talked to the nurse on Thursday she said she didn't see a reason to refer me to anyone. She then told me that I needed to continue with what the doctor prescribed and I could check out a chiropractor if I wanted to.

I went to the chiropractor on Tuesday and go back on Friday. I've heard of people being diagnosed with fibromyalgia by the chiropractor. Do you guys know about this? If a chiropractor diagnoses you, will a general doctor help treat you?

You need a Good Rheumatologist. If Your GP wont refer you go to another GP and ask for a referral. Make another appointment with your GP and refuse to see the Nurse practitioner. ASK the DR. about a referral... whatever you do ... do not take no for an answer... I made my own appointment with my Rheumatologist. My ins. allows me to see specialists without a referral... although some Drs. require one.

I am so sorry you are having such a tough time!!! Remind these people that they work FOR you! See if the Chiropractor can give you a reference for a MD that you could go see or try seeing if you could go to your States' Teaching Hospital.

Nobody has done the tender point test. The doctor I saw last week said “I don’t believe you can trust that. If I poked you hard enough anywhere it would hurt.” Tomorrow afternoon I go back to the chiropractor and I’m going to ask them about referring me somewhere (he told me Tuesday that he’ll refer me if I need to be referred). I feel like I’m on the right track, but I’m hoping someone will try something that helps…the steroid pack is gone with no improvement.

I’ve mentioned the nurses, the doctor, the nurse practitioner, and the chiropractor that I’d like the tender point test done. I know when my niece rubs my back, shoulders and neck there are a few places that hurt horribly when she barely even touches them. The chiropractor will be going over my paperwork and xrays with me tomorrow, so maybe we’ll figure something out then.

Oh, and the Soma isn’t really helping me sleep much…still around 3-4 hours a night of interrupted sleep.

My mom uses Dr James Abraham in Little Rock for her Rheumatoid arthritis. I went with her and he had a flyer in the exam room about fibro. She thinks he is great. I will give him a try

He stated that he prefers a referral so that makes me think maybe he would take you even without one. I would give his office a call and see if they would take you without referral if you explain your difficulties.