Myofascial Pain Syndrome?

Very close in definition to FMS, My DC likes this term better, and of course part of my diagnosis.

Anyone else?

Why yes, thanks for reminding me!?! :slight_smile:

I’ve been diagnosed with this as well SK…

Isn't it terrible to have so stinking many things wrong with you that you can't remember all of them? Oh we can always pick a new topic to talk about, when we remember! LOL!

Maybe people would understand what we are experiencing because it announces what the main symptom is. I am wondering if you accidently transposed the letter o and r because I thought it was syndrome.

You are correct, a typo! Sorry too late to change it now! OOPS!

I have been told I have this along with the FMS as well. I have a wonderful book that has really helped me locate and deal with my trigger points; it's called 'The Trigger Point Workbook: Second Edition', by Clair Davies. I also have a tool called The Knobble II, which is mentioned in the book (along with other tools that may dramatically help to eradicate certain trigger points). Fantastic stuff!!

does chiro help, I heard that aggressive manipulation can make symptoms worse.

So nice to hear from you, Les! This is very helpful info for all of us! Please join in with us more often!


HI lil bit!'

How are you? Nice to hear from you too!

My DC knows my body so well, and he starts the exam to see how sensitive I am before he uses any aggressive manipulation on me, he talks to me to and asks me if I can tolerate him going after that area. He is just the best, wish my husband was a Chiropractor, I would love to be married to one!


I have found chiropractic to be helpful. I see a doctor who I have known for years and she can quickly identify trigger points. She does a very gentle series of adjustments. If you look at doctor recommendations on the web you can probably find someone in your area recommended by other people tht have fibro. Good luck! XX

This is a site I use:

thanks for getting back, I know that there are several Chiros in my area but I have had such bad luck with doctors in general I have become paranoid of them. I live in sounthern Monmouth county by the beaches.

If your chiro can give you a name of someone that would be worth investigating. Lil bit

Thanks for sharing your web site. I found someone in my area.

Great! I’m happy you found someone

Hey Sunny, this second opinion, offered by BF sounds like a great idea for you, Petunia Girl, the same! Had I not found my superstar Rhematologist, I would be in!


I have to correct myself. I thought I read some years ago that these two were basically the same condition. I am unable to locate the book where I read this to see how I may have misinterpreted it My understanding was that over the years fibromyalgia went through a few name changes, like neurasthenia and fibrositis. Of course they are not sure if neurasthenia was actually one and the same. ( university of Virginia)

I appreciate you thinking about me. I have insurance and the cost is minimal ($30) to get another opinion. There are many people on the site without insurance and unable to work. I really hope those individuals in need will utilize this opportunity.

Oh, no problem Dozer, I love to talk to people who read, research and advocate! You are my kind of friend, you too Sunny! Always a pleasure! Still working on the overlap discussion. Have decided I need to explain what I post when it comes to the medical topics, This is especially complicated, but i need to always remind everyone that there are many wiser than I, especially the Doctor! Not only am I trying to stimulate conversation, but trying to let people with Fibromylagia know that it can lead to other diseases, further diagnosis, similar feelings. My Fibromyalgia diagnosis came hand in hand with the overlap, but once the sjogrens arrived, it was the proof for the autoimmune. I think FMS could be like a doorway leading to Autoimmune, all it takes is more trauma, severe stress, chemical exposure, tick bite, surgery, sometimes a medicine. Now again, this is my opinion, I am not a medical professional, just a patient that went from having a passion researching ancient Egypt and how it was built, to researching disease.

Really if you read through this site, the Psoriatic site, the lupus site, the Raynauds site, they read the same, feel the same, the all time favorite is 'sick and tired of being sick and tired', everyone is in pain, exhausted, depressed, anxious for a pill to cure it!

And yes, the name has changed many times, it is very similar to fibromyalgia, but because it is not used as a 'trash diagnosis' to some Doctors it is much preferred.

Neurasthenia certainly has an interesting Wikipedia post. It was considered a psychological disorder. It looks like it may have been Lyme Disease.

I wish I had paid more attention when I studied the history of medicine in college. This is interesting stuff to research!

When I joined the PsA site, I was shocked at how similar it is to this site!

my mother thinks that I am going to too many Doctors. I notice that they all have something else to add to my woes. One doctor thinks that I have many but not all signs of the Fibro Dx. Oh boy that does not make me feel much better cause the symptoms are no less because of it. , just less of them. there is no cure for fibro anyway that i know. I am so frustrated and thinking about all my woes. Did anyone have anyluck with anything specfic?

Okay, I'm game. So how does it DIFFER from Fibro?

I agree with your theory of fibro. The doorway to hell. It does seem to me that I developed some back issues and bad heel pain around the time that Malthion was sprayed in my neighborhood. Not our choice, Florida did it to protect their orange trees. I have no idea if the two are related, just a thought.

So SK, your Sjogrens came after the fibro? Did the Sjogrens come on all at once? What did it feel like initially? Has it worsened?

You passion about researching ancient Egypt and how it was built sounds fascinating!!! I love reading about ancient man, what came before him, and Neanderthals. But the building of Egypt sounds very, very interesting. Feel free to share with me, OT or through email, if you wish.

You're right about the differing autoimmune sites - so very much in common. I swear, they are all one big disease that just presents in different ways.

Yup, docs do use Fibro as a trash diagnosis, in order to get rid of you - my rheumy as a case in point. Better to have dx that docs take seriously.