Natural scientist

we all have something that we use to help manage our pain besides pain meds. I like the natural approach to pain relief. I would like to get everyones opinions and what yall use to naturally to help relieve your pain.i would like to post these on my instagram page for others that are not on this site and maybe it will help them manage their pain and help others the way yall have helped me. I will start with mine

products I use to help relieve my pain:

Epsom salts


hot showers

ice packs

heating pads



hot teas


anyone can add to this list at anytime

I am also researching new products everyday.

I'm not sure if this is considered natural or not but I also use a TENS machine. And since I usually have pain in my legs and back and shoulders and arms I use a heating blanket to cover all the body parts at once. I also love massages and if I'm nice my husband will give me one for free. I also use awareness. I try to be aware of my body to see if I'm tense or stressed if I can remain relaxed my pain is very manageable but if not then I pay for it and there is nothing in this world worth me stressing out over to be in pain, unless its something wrong with my husband or kids then I will stress. (Or Easter/Christmas clothes, Christmas pj's, the important things in my life!)

I applaud you for not wanting to take medications. I went that route without trying natural ways to manage the pain for years. Now I've resolved to be ok with Lexapro and Tramadol.

I use a heated matress pad, it's wonderful and dual control so my husband doesn't complain. I also see the chiropractor once a week. Instead of coffee at night I have a cup of ginger tea. I'm curious as to the vinegar? What do you do with it?

I put a cup full in a hot bath and it helps take tension outbofbur muscle

Thank i have to try that

I currently take meds but I just want to try something different

I get accupuncture. I go to a community accupuncture and they charge on a sliding scale. I have been only going for a couple months and have been sleeping better.