Natural ways to reduce pain?

I was wondering if anyone knows of any natural methods or herbs for controlling the pain? Oh, and the muscle stiffness too? My dilaudid and my muscle relaxers are doing the job very well. I’m pretty sure I will have to change my pain med. for a while. But, I would still like know of more natural ways that may help. I would like nothing better than to not rely on the doctors and the meds for it. Thank You

A lot of the meds we take can and will destroy the liver. I use marijuana to help control the pain. It does help some. Unfortunately it is not a cure all but it does help redirect your attention so you are not thinking about it all of the time.

Dori, Where I live, marijuana is against the law so, that one I can't do. But, Thanks any way.

Toni, Exercising - I'm very limited of what I can do any more, due to some other health problems I have as well. But, hearing it can help, I'll figure something out. Thank you.

I’m starting Yoga this week. i ordered a book called Yoga for Fibromyalgia. I heard it’s really good for us cuz it helps you stretch your muscles and breath easier. Plus it’s not high impact like running. Hopefully it helps. I’ll let you know. Good luck!

Hi Ben

I did aqua therapy and it really helped i plan on starting back soon i also do yoga at home some people will come to your house to show you how to do it right if you caint go to the groups but i hear it can be expensive. Have you talked to your doctor about herbs mine has a list of what can be taken with my other meds so their is no reaction between the 2

I take 5-HTP, coQ10 and magnesium, on top of a mulitvitamin. It helps, and if I miss a day I can really tell the difference. Also, massage, physical therapy and chiropractors are worth looking into.

Lovett, could you tell me how much of each of the vitamins you take daily. Thanks

dilaudid…?? Wow this med is amazing when I’m in the ER. are you on injectable ?
I did not know it is a prescribed home use drug…
My pain can’t be controlled. I take my cymbalta, lyrica and a dose of Tylenol 3… Trying to stay safe from narcotics… But nothing I do helps longer then 3-4 hours. I use a heating pad, deep heat, tiger balm and a tens unit. Minimal pain reducers. :frowning:
I hope someone here can help share something because I need something to help too.
Great post!

I have been using this

a tablespoon everyday.. add to your smoothie or juice or just water.

it helps somewhat. check it out