Need a doctor

hello, does anyone know of a doctor in michigan that treats fibromyalgia and ptsd and chronic fatigue syndrome, it would be nice to have a doctor that treats it all but, i no that may not happen so if the doctor that can treat at least fibromyalgia that would be great!!!! thankx for all the replys in advance!!!~!!~!!

I am seeing a Dr in Livonia.

Her name is Irene Metro, she also has Fybromyalgia.

She is very thorough and very compassionate.

I ve only been seeing her for about 6mos but I really like her.

Hope this helps



36650 Five Mile Rd

Livonia, MI 48154

right across from St Mary's Hospital


I was just going to ask the same question!!??

I live in Canton, so this is good.

What is she doing for you? Meds?

I love my Doc. but he does not specialize in FM.

He put me on Lyrica again it doesnt work for me. So maybe I will go see her.

Thanks for the tip!


Hi pynk,

I do not live in your area, but here are some of your area Rheumatologists, I would call and ask, seems like a good place to start!

Wishing you well,


I seen Dr Metro once. I have really good insurance (bcbs) and was not aware of the 600 fee on my first visit. Or the cost of the supplements that she recommends from her office. I heard shes really good just make sure you can afford her.