New Here and to FM

Hello Everyone,

I just found this site I am so glad I did. I was diagnosed with FM about a year ago. I am trying to live with it, learn about it and make the most of my "good" days.

I also have Depression and possible Lupus. I am looking forward to making a few friends here and to give and receive support.

I am a full time student so I am on the computer a lot.

Take Care All,


Hi, Gemm and welcome to our site! It's a nice place to come and talk and share your good - and baaaaaaaad - days. We support each other a lot. I know being here has helped me immensely.

I'm so sorry that you're a member of our "club." I wish we could make this club so exclusive so that no one ever qualified to get into it again - as in, no one ever had fibro pain again - but I don't think that's likely to happen anytime soon.

Congratulations to you for being a full-time student. Many of us find the load of full-time to be too overwhelming. I'm impressed that you're able to have a full-time schedule with this cussed illness. So what are you studying?

Please feel free to page back - many interesting threads about the illness.

Again, glad you found us. Hope this site helps you with your illness.

Welcome Gemm!

Sounds like you are a wise young woman, in trying to live with it, learn about it, and surely about making the most of your good days! It seems anyone with chronic pain has depression nagging at them. This is a good place to get rid of the depression, as serious as this all is, it is always great to share a lol moment, which we surely do!

Glad to hear that you are still in school! Good for you! So glad you are part of our group!

Wishing you the best,


Hello Gemm, glad you found this site. I have found it very helpfull and get a lot of support here. I am sorry to hear that you are in the fibro club, since we don’t have the choice of joining or not, it’s not very fun. Defanatly keep doing research. I keep finding little things that are related to my fibro that I didn’t even know we’re connected. Hope you stay postive.

Welccome Hemmed you've fringound a wonderful place with a caring and supportive group with lots if advice a d information of you're having a bad tine çome join. Us nonlinear well try to help at least we know what you're young through suzyq

Thank you for all of you welcoming responses. I, too, wish I nor anyone was in the "club". Some days I wouldn't want anyone to feel as bad as I do....regardless of who they are.

Taking on school full time has been rough. But I made a comittment to myself and dang it, I will get through it. I am in my early 40's and have a "bucket list". On that list is to graduate college. I am studying Medical Billing and Coding. I plan to be done this time next year. It is a profession that would enable me to work from home.

Luckily and gratefully, I am an online student, so I get to use my heating pad and take breaks when I need to. ( heating pad is my best friend :) )

One thing I have problems with as far as the FM goes is not feeling up to doing things on some days with my partner. I feel like I let her down when I really feel bad.

Also, when people look at me or maybe you, they think that I do not "look sick"....and that maybe I am making excuses or being lazy....

How do you talk to loved ones and family about your illness?

I would like to bring my partner to an appointment with my Rheumatoligist, and mayve the Doc can explain it to her...

My Mom, however, is too stubborn to learn about FM....

Well thats my rant for this morning.

Thanks again to all of you and have a gentle day!


Woke up at 5 am

Pain upon waking is a 4

Very stiff this morning. ( normal though )