New muscle relaxer

Does anyone know anything about Soma?

Hi Katie, I have never taken this, but I have heard of it in passing. Sounds like it should be worth a try! Hope it gives you some relief!



Katie, please talk to your doc about this. I was given soma one time after a car accident and it has horrible side effects. When I went to my primary care doc a few days later, she thought I was stoned. She was appalled that anyone even still used it. Meds affect everyone differently but please get all the pros and cons before taking it. Hope you find something that works for you.

Thank you for the warning. Second day and nothing, but drowsiness (Wich is great I don’t sleep well) I’ll keep in touch with my doc.

okay so I get the feeling stoned thing now. The messed up thing is that it's auctually helping some and I'm not sure if I had the choice to be stoned and less pain or sober and hurting what I would choose. Ugh why can't they make anything easy.

Katie, I know what you mean. We become so desperate for pain relief that we're willing to accept a lot of yucky side effects in order to get some relief.

At least enjoy the lessened pain and increased sleep for now and see what your doctor thinks overall...

If I get stoned I would rather it be from some MJ! LOL. As long as you don’t have to drive, maybe five it some time. It might get better. I remember it was pretty strong and made the pain go bye-bye.

Well I'm not so stoned today as yesterday. Of course right now it's about worn off and I hurt all over again, but I think I like it other than it does make driving kinda hard. I catch myself starring at things and forget to look ahead of me. Okay once you get used to making yourself not trance out.

Sounds something like Lyrica. But you need to do whatever you can to relieve your pain.