Hi, my name is Karen and I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Since, I have researched it on-line and realize that I have had a number of these symptoms for awhile.

I work in a factory and have been off work since February. I off because of depression and anxiety but I thought there was more than that wrong and asked my Dr. for full blood work and then was referred to a rheumatologist on May 14 of this year. He has put me on Cymbalta.

I have many of the symptoms but would like to know if anyone experiences ringing in the ear which I was diagnosed with tinnitus some time ago.

Also, any suggestions as to ways to manage pain on the really bad day. Does massage help ect.

Welcome to the group. I have sharp pains in my ears and ringing sometimes. I hate to say it but from reading everyones posts we all have the craziest things wrong and no 2 people are alike. Some say message works for them. Fibromyalgia makes all of us question if we are crazy or hypocondriacts (spelling?). So best I can advise you to do is keep notes about symptoms and about how different things you try either help or dont. Also notes for your Dr. questions, new symptoms, etc... The thing I want you to know is we are here for you, we dont judge and we will tell you the truth as best we know. I am happy you have joined us. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

Hi Karen and "Welcome".. :)

I've had tinnitus for over 30 years now but, mine is from a concussion. Try to keep your salt intake as low as possible as salt has a strong effect on tinnitus. It has something to do with the fluid around the inner ear. I can't remember exactly how any more but, it does make a difference. I've been on a low salt diet for years and I can tell when I had more than I should because my tinnitus gets louder and the frequency changes.

I like a good massage and Yes it does help, at least for me it does. It has to be deep tissue though. A good hot and long bath with epsom salts in it works wonders for me on those real bad days. I know there are others who do that too and it helps them as well. For most of us - when the humidity and/or the barometric pressure is up, so is our pain. Air conditioning is my best friend in the summer.


Thank you but not a salt eater, good thing. It is humid here today and it has been a very bad day for me.

Welcome Karen, sorry to hear you have this crazy thing called fibro. I don't have ringing ears but my ears itch like crazy a lot. Crazy nerve endings I guess.

Hi, Karen. I sometimes get ringing in my ears. I don't think it's from the fibro. I don't know though. As for the pain.. nothing helps me. I was diagnosed with fibro on May 23, 2014. I'm also on Cymbalta. So far it's working. I do have to take norcos for the pain and I take flexeril once a night to help me sleep. But when I flare nothing will help. I still will take my pain meds and the flexeril just in case it might help, but it doesn't. I hope it gets better for you! Xo.. <3

Hi Karen and welcome! It's nice having you here with us and I'm glad that you found us.

I think you need this too, just like another new member did, so this is for you:

Could the ringing in your ears be related to your factory work? I'm going to presume that it probably was pretty darned noisy in there. If it's not that, than maybe it's your medicine? I just checked lyrica's side effects. Ringing of the ears is listed as a rare side effect and the ringing might be severe. Here's the website i checked on: I'm not exactly sure that I buy that all of the items on that list are rare side effects, as I have some of them, as do you. hmmmmmmm.....

For management of pain, yes, massage helps BUT you need a really good one from a person whose trained to do deep tissue work or sports injury work. The person I went to also used hot stones which felt MARVELOUS on my back.

More pain management suggestions: icing the spot in question or else using heat. I prefer ice as it brings down any inflammation plus it just feels better on me. I also use Salon-Pas, an over-the-counter pain patch. Love them! Others take hot or warm baths with Epsom salts. My brain is fried and my hands hurt, so i can't think of anything else at the moment.

Depression is a very normal side effect of pain and thus a common side effect for people with fibro. Anxiety is also very common. Hopefully if you keep coming here, some of each of your symptoms will decrease. It really does help to talk to others about this butt of a disease. We try to provide support and suggestions. Please feel free to come again and post on the discussion board, blogs, chats and anything else on here.

Gentle hugs,


Hi Karen,

Welcome to our world! I have been dealing with fibro diagnosed for the last 5 years, unofficially a lifetime. I am also on cymbalta, gapepentin, and mnay more drugs, This is a great group, and you will learn that people here are very much non judgmental, Great place for us all to sound off. Grntle hugs, Jackie

hello, welcome sorry to hear all this:( I have ringing as well I don't know what is causing it.

No not yet, I was just diagnosed May 14, my birthday yeah. I have only seen him once and there was no great discussion as to symptoms. Next appoint. in July and plan to get into great detail, as some days can be brutal.

Thank you. I have more symptoms than I thought, just didn't know they were related to fibro.