Hi is it just me it is anyone else’s hearing going . I’ve had a few problem with my ears before hand when I was younger but it’s getting worse now. I am wondering if fibro has anything to so with it .

I also have times when I am super sensitive to noise. I have noticed that for me it seems to be more of a delay in understanding what was said. Often I find myself asking"what" but before the person responds my brain will "catch up" with what was said. It is frustrating at times. Hugs

Hi I had surgery on both ears last year and lost the hearing on in my right ear. My doctor said it was a combination of fibro and lupus causing inflamation. Have your doctor send you to an ENT.

Ah ok so I am not the only one. I am only sensitive to loud noises occasionally. Went to ENT as I had glue ear when I was a teen but when I mentioned to my dr about m hearing he not looked in my ear and said it looked fine and that was that … X

I have the constant ringing in my ears and when there's back ground noise I hear maybe every other word, I asked my pcp she thought it could have something to do with either the lupus or the fibro I'm glad to know its something some of us deal with and its not just that at 53 I'm getting really old.

Hmmm. Might mention it again. Have the drs tomorrow. Not for the fibro though. Hate drs get nervous/anxious. But I might give it another mention to see whats going on. One thing after another. Argh >:/