Does anyone have problems with their ears?

I have issues with my ears and I am wondering if maybe its related to my fibro. My ears itch a lot and then they can run. I can feel it happen and then liquid literally comes out of my ear. My docs don’t know what it is and today I saw a ear nose and throat guy for my tonsils and asked him and he wasn’t sure either. He thinks maybe they are weeping like when you scrape your knee. Just wondering if anyone else has had similar problems, and as always thanks.

How ironic that my right ear is really aching tonight and I'm not sure why! I have had problems with strep throat/tonsillitis since childhood--I used to get strep at least 6 times/year until I was in my 20's. To the point that it was sometimes too painful to swallow my own saliva & I'd have to spit it out instead until I got some sort of pain relief. :(

My dad doesn't have Fibromyalgia (my mom does), but my dad & I both have the same/similar ear issue that pops up every so often. I forget the exact name of it, but it's got something to do with these certain 'crystal' deposits in your ears that get dislodged and roll around out of place inside your ear(s)? I know the problem makes both of us feel very dizzy/lightheaded when it occurs.

How long have you been dealing with this problem with your ears?

Umm, I think I have had the ear problem for around 4 years now. I can’t believe it’s been that long. Thanks for the response.

We were just talking about that on the PsA site, there are exercises to do for that, les. Rebecca, I have never heard of what you are experiencing. Are you near a teaching hospital, a University hospital. That would be where I would think you may get an ENT who would know what you have.

Good luck to all,