Hi all... I am new to this forum as well as to the diagnosis. I haven't talk to anyone else who has this diagnosis, so I'm dying to talk to others to compare symptoms and see if all of mine are related to this disease or maybe other things??? Anyone up for chatting???

Jan, if I weren't in so much pain tonight, I'd say "sure!" But I'd never make it through the chat. If you want to list your symptoms here, I can check back and let you know what I've got. Or if you'd rather wait for someone to chat with, that's okay too. I'm sure you'll find people to talk to about your symptoms, as we're good about sharing info.

Sorry to disappoint tonight. If you're still needing help tomorrow, I'll be glad to, if the pain is better.

So sorry you are in pain. I totally understand. And, I'm happy to talk through here as people can. I have had these symptoms on and off for over 5 years... have had many "physicals" trying to figure out what is wrong with me... nothing ever shows up. The past 6 months have been horrific. I have horrible pain in my hips and knees (one of those joints do have actual problems) and feet. My thighs seem to be the worse at this point... there are actually multiple knots on the sides of my thighs. And, if someone touches those knots I go through the roof with pain. The other horrific part of my symptoms is the unrelenting fatigue. I am exhausted all the time... and therefore cranky. I chalked that up to menopause, but was tested this week and am not even close... ha! I'm 48. Emotions are all over the place, which is not like me. Laying down seems to be the most comfortable, but not always. Ibuprofen helps for a while... but I feel like it is progressing very quickly. I am going to go with the natural treatment route first. I also have atrial fibrillation, a heart rhythm problem and am already on many meds... don't want to add any more. Ok... would love to hear any and all of what you all have to say... just trying to wrap my head around all of this.

im also new here and not diagnoised yet heading to mayo next monday. mine also seems to have progressed very quickley(especially in the last 6 weeks) im pretty scared and a bit stressed out. im curious about all your symptons-maybe we can chat later-im not to great with my typing shows.

Welcome JustJan!

My main symptoms are fatigue, muscle tightness in my upper back (feels like spasms), back pain and stiffness, and pain and stiffness anywhere if I stay in the same position for too long (holding a book for a while hurts my arms, sitting in the car too long causes leg, ankle, foot pain and stiffness).

I'm new here too, I just joined last week. I like it, this is a good site. You'll find a lot of help and information here.