New to this- yet to be diagnosed, need advice xx

Hello everyone, i am from London uk and am 25 years old. for many years i have suffered many health problems like 2 hospitalisations due to inflammed gallbladder, endometriosis chronic pain all over, mainly in my joints and muscles, especially first thing in the morning.

the pain radiates down my left arm, shoulder blade, left pelvic region, wrists, ankles etc. i recently am suffering from dry patches on my skin on my back. i belive my symptoms of the endometriosis are comign back too. i am always tired no matter how much rest i get. headaches. i also have an underactive thyroid.

i have been tested for many things that come back negative like arthritis, lupus. i am seeing a rhmetologist next month so hopefully he can help me but after looking on many websites my symptoms all seem to relate to fybro. can anyone else relate to me?

its so hard everyday being in pain and aching all over, i feel like a 95 year old in a 25 year olds body. i dont have the stamina to do most things, and the pain really gets me down. nobody really understands except my mum who suffers from arthritis and knows my pain. my boyfirend tries to be supportive but it must be hard for him to put up with me constantly moaning and not being able to do things.

any help or advice would be so much appreciated. i just want to know whats wrong with me :-( surely a 25 year old shouldnt be feeling like this

Thanks guys xxxx

also on top of this just on saturday i think i had a 'flare up'. my body was hurting so bad, and i was shivering all over but not cold. i felt like death!

Hi Kayleigh,

I hope that you get to read some of the other messages about what has helped other people. (Check out "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay if you can find it). I diagnosed myself after reading about it and then took a checklist I had filled out to a doctor who said it was probable but wouldn't commit. I think that it sounds like the doctor you are going to see may be the right one. I have found that educating myself has helped me take charge of my life. I use many alternative methods which help me because I couldn't take the meds due to side effects. I used to have endometriosis too and many of the other things you mentioned. I understand feeling like your body is giving up on you but pain and any dis-ease is the body's way of showing you that something is out of balance. A holistic doctor might be worth looking into because they don't only look at symptoms.

Keep your hope and faith because you can always get better! I am so much better then I was and am learning to listen to my body and pace myself. When the pain is really bad I use acupressure, prayer and energy healing. I believe that we can always effect our journey and learn from whatever is happening. I'll bet that if you look back you will see many things that you have managed to work through and deal with that you never thought you could. I don't know where you are spiritually and certainly wouldn't pry but I think that all things happen for a reason and challenges are a way of giving us a chance to see who we are and what we can do! You wouldn't have made it to 25 if you didn't have some good, strong stuff inside of you!!!

It is always possible to get better and when we believe that and encourage and love and respect ourselves, our bodies respond. When I was first diagnosed I could barely hold the wheel when driving, I had to use 2 fingers. I was exhausted all the time but had to keep working anyhow. Now I am off all of my meds except for a couple of supplements and I walk almost daily. I still work full time and take care of myself and my cat. I am almost 55 by the way.

Hang in there and remember that shadows are only absence of light and without light there wouldn't be any shadows so the light is Always There!!!

Hugs to you Kayleigh!

Susan (energy healing)

It’s not an easy lump to swallow. I had the same problems bad paps and endo at 21 and they wanted to do a hysterectomy. I fought to have a child with my 2nd husband, and it was life threatening to the baby and I. She was taken by c-section a month early at 8 lbs. as I lay there looking at her, they did my hysterectomy. The pain is awful yes I wake in the morning feeling like which ever side I’ve slept on, my hip is literally disentergrating. And it’s hard on a relationship as well. I have a great friend in the UK. So at least you have a great health care system on your side. Just keep in mind, you are young and beautiful. But your body doesn’t feel or react as such. So treat it well. And it will treat you better. And my motto do not let the diagnosis define you, you define it…