No more meds to give!

Went to my rhumatologist today for my Fibromyalgia. He told me there is no other medications to give me to help releive the pain! I have tried all kinds of different meds and doses and nothing has helped at all! He tried Savella and Lyrica at the same time both are meds for fibromyalgia not usually given together but we tried it still nothing! I dont like this dr he doesnt act like he understands how i feel! Unfortunately hes the only one near me that takes my insurance! Has anyone found any meds or combination of meds that has helped them? I also have osteoarthritis carpal tunnel in both wrists and degenerated bulging disks in my neck! Im falling apart! LOL!

Sorry Donna it really sucks when the doctors don’t understand what were going through. I take a combo as fentanyl and oxycodone I also hate an over the counter melatonin 10 milligrams extended release 8 milligrams of zanaflex and that’s it unfortunately a lot of docs don’t like to prescribe medication.

Thanks! I think he could try other meds but he dont like to give anything that could be addictive! He gave me all the fibro meds Gabapentin,savella,lyrica muscle relaxers antiflamatory meds and all but not any good combo has helped! all i have now is Savella 800 motrin vicoden and vit d so fed up with this dr!

The problem is studies have showen those of us who truly need the narcotic pain meds and I mean do need them don’t get “addicted” now there is a difference between addicted and withdrawal. And more and more doctors are starting to realize this but not enough.

Donnak, have you been to see a pain specialist ? I hit a dead end with the Rhumatologist I saw, some feel the Primary care dr’s are dumping fibro patients on them, others are great, sounds like you need a pain Dr. or a different rhumy , honestly they just have no clue what to do with us, keep trying, I am going to see a homeopathic dr. Not sure it will help, but I just keep searching …
Hugs & blessings

I am gonna go to my primary and have them send me to a pain management dr! My rhumy wont help me anymore! I gotta do something! Im a single mom of 4 boys i have to get some releif! It is nice to know im not alone and there are others out there that understand how i feel! Thanks ladys!

Sorry donna that the rheumi hasn't helped I agree you need to see someone else another rgeumi or a lain management specialist I hope you tu d the right Dr and relief you need and deserve mine hasn't found the right combination of drugs for me ilk be patient in looking into a lot of things

How are you sleeping? From everything I've read, sleep seems to be the best thing for you. But you need to get deep sleep. I just started 60 mg of Cymbalta that I take at dinner time. It's used to treat depression and nerve pain and it makes me sleepy. I also take 2-4 mg of Valium before bed for TMJ tension. Anti-inflammatory meds don't do anything for fibro pain, but I'm on 800 mg of Ibuprofen now since I messed up my back this weekend.

Do you see a chiropractor? Might be worth a try if you find a good one. I love mine. The first time I was ever adjusted, it was like an out of body experience. Maybe because my body was so out of whack? But it was never like that again after that first time.

Dear Donna,

May I ask what the Rheum is doing to treat the Osteo? I am not a Dr therefore I do not understand why biologics are not being used for this type of arthritis. They consider it a 'wear and tear' type disease, but you are not old enough to suffer that!

I also have DDD and CT, bulging discs that cause Sciatica, my arthritis is genetic, and is treated with Enbrel, and that may be the difference. I'll have to talk to our Physicians Asst and some of our nurses to find out more for you. Here is what the Mayo clinic says about Osteo. I do not recommend any injections right now after reading Petunia Girl's post about contaminated steroid injections, but surely there is relief of somekind for you, if nothing else, narcotics!

I research incessantly, so with our Rachel just being diagnosed with this, along with your suffering, will be doing a lot more. Would appreciate any explainations I can get from our medical professionals about treatment options for OA for our girls.

We are all with you and here for you, Donna.



He has done nothing for my osteoarthritis! All he did was say i had it after i had to ask the results of my xrays! Didnt explain anything or tell me anything to do for it! Right now im on Vit D Savella 50mg twice a day vicodin and 800 motrin for my neck! Thanks!

He did say maybe physical therapy the last time i went but with my neck dont know if i should till i have the surgery!

oh and sleep! Whats that? LOL! i tried a few sleep aides but nothing worked! Its like i dont take anything cause nothing helps me! I think if i slept better id feel better so my body can heal some during sleep!

Dear Donna,

I get the distinct feeling that you are not well pleased with this Rheumatologist! I don't think that I would be either! My second one was the charm, the first one spent hours and hours with me, didn't see anything wrong. Went to the second one, he seemed to know what was wrong with me just by the questionnaire, looked at my fingernails, the blood work and diagnosed me with 3 autoimmune diseases and Fibro first appointment! I am very happy with him, and besides all of that he is the nicest, gentlest of men!

It may be time to consider moving on to the next one! You also have alot going on, and I think you need some better care from someone not giving up so easily! Though I am not a Dr, I just don't see how you could be impressed with this giving up attitude!

You can click on my photo and read my profile, it will give you a list of my meds and diagnosis!

I whole heartedly wish you relief!