Nucynta-newly approved narcotic for nerve pain

Just in case you are not yet aware of this, I though I'd post it. It is available as a regular med and a time release (ER). I have not tried it, but have a feeling that I may ask about it for my Sciatica.

I can understand why you would, SK. Sciatic pain is horrible (I know this first hand thanks to physical therapy.) It's nice to know that something else is finally available for pain relief. I hope that if you try it, it kicks butt on your sciatic pain. You'd be amazed at how much better you feel when one major pain is reduced (and I get that sometimes, now, with my SI joint pain.) Your mind is so much crisper and freer and the whole day feels a lot lighter.

Good luck! Go for it!

You are so right Petunia girl! Opana is becoming an even better friend of mine! You just get worn out from the pain and suffering!

Yup. You do. Nonstop pain is exhausting. Worn out is an understatement. I understand about Opana becoming a better friend to you. I'm thinking of asking my doc about getting something because now my upper back and neck are bothering me a lot. I thought I was kind of "fixed" when the lower back was attended to. Wrong!! A few good weeks and now right back to a lot of pain.

Is Opana doing a good job of handling some of your pain, SK? Which pain does it help you with, the muscle pain? Too bad they couldn't just pump it into you as needed, huh? I can see why people are so pissed about not being able to get proper pain relief. Hope you're doing ok with it.