To all of you who kindly took the time to let me know all your meds and what they are for, I thank you. Every bit of information helps. I really want to stop taking the Percs, but only if I can find a fibro medication that can take away the pain all together so I can function and not have to feel like a zombie when I take them. Good Luck to us all on that!


JoJo, I hope you find that drug! We're all made differently. Let's hope your body finds one that really puts the pain into "remission." I hope we all do, too!

Jojo, have you tired taking like 1/2 tab of perc? It may help with the zombie feeling.

Punkin: Oh, it is the fibro meds - Lyrica and Cymbalta - that make me feel like a zombie. The Percs make me feel good!! Thanks for the thought though. I am so scared of becoming dependent on the Percs that I sometimes only take 1/2. I find when I take the Lyrica 75mg, I can't seem to lift my arms to get anything done. Very strange.


Hey Jo Jo,

I have been in a fog, I think I gave you a list of meds. I am not sure what kind of pain you have, where it originates, or if it is due to an injury, surgery, illness. I know that filling out profiles is not always what you really feel like doing when you join, but when you post, and ask a question, the first thing we do, or I do, is check your profile. Like if you are asking about leg pain, I am looking to see if you have a buldging disc, or spinal arthritis. The more you tell us on your profile, the more info we can give to you.

Other site profiles actually have a place to fill in your listed meds, don't think this site has that. But if it is nerve pain, I take Lyrica 225 mg 2-3x daily. For joint and bone pain 600mg Oxiprozin, and Opana for intractable pain, only when absolutely necessary. I am on Enbrel, a biologic immunosuppressant for Psoriatic Arthritis, Spondylitis type that attacks the spine, this slows down my immune system that goes into hyper overdrive with autoimmune diseases, and it slows the progression of the type of arthritis. Once damage is done, it is irreversible, so the idea is to prevent as much as possible.

So if you like, when you have time, please fill that out and tell us all you can, then we can relate our personal experiences with yours and even give you links, suggest books, or Doctors, types of Doctors.

It is always a pleasure hearing from you! Wishing you a good night.



You're welcome JoJo.

I have been asking about painkilers too and your discussion helped me aswell.

I am now typing up a big shopping list fo my doctor, assuming he's not gonna lose his selective hearing. At least if it's on paper I know he will see it cos he can certainly see his computer alrght!!

Thanks again JoJo and everyone here who are always there when you need them!!