I love this site

I am a new member well pretty new. I read as many posts as i can. I have found the interesting topic of Vitamin D. I have never had mine tested but will when i go to the dr on monday. I am wondering what type of pain meds is everyone on? I take cymbalta, celebrex and tramadol...which was doing as good as can be expected. But now, i am having break thru pain.

I had some good news today tho. I have been trying to find employment from home on the computer. I tried to "learn" some new things, like with Directv and ATT. I just couldnt retain the info. So I finally was able to get qualified for a job I was doing a couple years ago. I was able to retain this info w/little problem and I will start work w/in a few days. I am happy but nervous. I am able to set my own schedule with breaks.

gentle hugs to all,


Hi Anette! I am a "brand" new member as well. I am now going through as many post as I can. I have been on many pain medication but most upsets my stomach..just sensitive to medication which doesn't help me! Right now I am I am going to Physical Therapy and take muscle relaxers after each session. I am suppose to take them every night before bed, but I will sleep for a good 10 to 12 hours or sometimes longer. Well I just wanted to wish you luck with your new job! I NEED to find something like that. I got fired from my job back in January.

Gentle hugs back to you! :-)


Hi, Anette. Welcome to our site! I hope you find it useful and comforting. There are a lot of knowledgeable and caring people here to help you.

Currently I'm on Lyrica, which helps at least take the edge off. Maybe switching from Cymbalta to Lyrica (with the approval and counsel of your GP) might give your body some time to "reset" itself so it will react favorably again with Cymbalta in the future. I don't know if that works when you have fibro; i know it does when you don't.

PS: Congratulations on your new job! I hope you are comfortable with it and it works out very well for you.

Debbiema, Welcome to you, too! I'm sorry the two of you have the cr@ppy disease of fibromyalgia but you're in the right place for advice, comfort and support. It's strange how talking to other people about fibro helps to give back hope and make you grow.

Hope to hear more from both of you!

Congrats on the job and welcome to the site!!

I take so many different things I can’t remember everything - I used to take Cymbalta but now take Lyrica and Savella. I don’t find that the meds help much. :frowning:

Look forward to chatting in the future!


I imagine you can retain that info easier since it doesn't draw from short term memory, which is what seems to be the problem for fibromyalgia patients when it comes to fog. I know I had a much easier time in my botany class than any of the others because most of it was a repeat of what we learned in the second introductory biology. Congrats on the job. =]

I currently only take Lyrica I guess for pain. I cannot tolerate the higher doses of Cymbalta without Parkinsons' like hand tremors and Savella made me extremely sick. I actually had to get my dad to pick me up from work the 4th day of the titration pack because I didn't even feel well enough to drive myself. I have some loratab but I rarely take it. I find it doesn't do much good, which they explained to me in Cleveland clinic. Pain meds are formulated to treat the normal mechanism through which pain is caused. Fibro pain is not caused in the same manner so those meds are less effective or not effective at all.