New Medication!

Good morning..I need some help. I have been on the same dose Percocet for 1 1/2 years and now my doctor is taking me off, which is good right. I asked him what now and he said he wants to monitor my pain ..?

My question is have any of you been on Long Lasting Morphine(Teva-Morphine SR)? I want to have something ready to tell him,he does not believe too much in fibro, so I always have to read up and tell him cause he does not have the time.

I found out I could go to a doctor about an hour away that understands about us with fibro, but in the mean time I really am on my own again.

Anybody can help me

Vicky F

i have stopped taking narcotics . i was on them for about 20 years and i ended up with rebound pain and the narcs stopped having any useful effect on me. I dont know if you see a pain specialist but maybe that would be a good way to go, or even a rheumatologist and/or neurologist,. they deal with chronic pain syndromes.when you call these or any docs it is good to ask if they heard of, beleve in and treat your condition. all the best to you



I am going to pain management on June 6th to get a needle in my shoulder for my torn rotary cuff and I plan to ask a lot of questions when I am there.

What do you take for pain..I am always in pain and no energy oh yes and fog. I have been to a rheumatologist and he just confirmed I had fibro and said to try a pain management with my doctor.

I have had fibro a long time, I am 70 and I know I had fibro at 40.

Thank you

Vicky F

Oh my gosh Vicki. He wants to monitor your pain? So you have to be in pain for how long before he gives you something? Sorry that was my reaction nerve being hit! My dad's doctor did the same thing. He went for a study that would have given him some kind of morphine but since he said his pain was tolerable on day 2 of the study when they gave him the placebo that they wouldn't give him the medicine and took him off his high dose narcotics. He is still in pain and we have to remind him to stand up straight because he leans forward and that makes his back hurt.

Gentle hugs to you and I hope it doesn't take forever for them to find something that works for you.


Seems to me Id be making that appointment with the dr thats farther, while he "monitors" you.. currently i havent found anything to TKO my pain levels the most I get is temporary shaving off the intensity in my pain so If you have found yourself in the care of someone who is a skeptic then you might find yourself in for the ride of your life if he starts messing with your meds especially when some meds require a build up for them to start working effectively or if you try not to make them feel bad and say you feel fine and they assume your just a junky, or faking your condition