I added this as a blog and then saw I should use discussions. Do you think your doctor should manage all your pain meds. If you see them for fibro?I love my doctor. Although I usually see the nurse. But I feel like I’m not getiing anywhere. Iasked about more natural pain remedies n nurse didn’t know. Then she says all patients must go to pain mgt center or fam doc for pain meds now. I barely use any because I haven’t found any to work but I think it should all be handled there. I go there for lupus;cfs and rheumotoid also. I’m just frustrated. More money and more doctors!

Sunny ran into that same thing with a doctor, requiring to go to the pain management doctor also. I know, it's just more money. Changes in healthcare system are coming down the line and I think there will be more strict control of narcotic prescribing by doctors. Maybe that has something to do with it.

See if you can find a holistic or integrative practioner. Some are MD or DO. I know insurance does not always cover a regular naturopathic doctor, but some MD's or DO's practice holistic medicine. They have been very helpful to me, since I cannot take alot of the rx medicines.

Every county and state has different laws about opiate painkillers. Some insist on a pain management doctor, but mostly, doctors are afraid to deal with them. They get in trouble from the gov't so easily. They have to fill out lots of forms on each person explaining why they need it, when they might be off it, and tons of other questions. There also is not a clear guideline for doctors to know just how much they can prescribe before they get investigated, so they just don't want to deal with it. Other doctors still believe that opiates turn you into an addict 100% of the time. Know how much doctors are taught about pain meds? ONE DAY in 8 years of medical school. And that's to learn the types. Not about dependence vs. addiction, or the fact that people in serious pain, when put on the right dosage, don't get addicted. They get dependent, their bodies will go into withdrawal when you stop, but addiction is when you want more and more, you get high from it, and you crave your next dose just to get high. Most in serious pain don't get high. The medicine just neutralizes the pain. But few doctors know this or want to deal with we who need them. So every Dr. will tell you something different about who should take care of your pain med prescriptions.

Also, doctors and nurses are not taught about natural remedies to help fibro or pain. Natural remedies are opposite of modern medicine, which is based on making lots of money for big pharmaceutical companies. Those doctors who do know about some natural remedies (such as Dr. Oz) has studied it on their own (He actually has a naturopath as his show's writer), and those doctors who are good at pain control and willing to do painkillers have studied the subject on their own.

With the new Electronic Medical Records laws coming into affect, it means that every doctor's prescriptions are going to be strictly documented, and the government is watching. The doctors also see their colleagues in the paper being arrested for writing too many narcotics, so they are very fearful of giving meds now.

Pain Management doctors are going to be the only ones that won't be under such strict scrutiny, and will be able to write meds more freely. So the other doctors would rather send you to them, than risk losing their licenses.

At least by going to Pain Management, we'll be able to get the medications we need, rather than suffering because our regular doctors won't help us. In the long run, it's an added pain in the butt, but it will be worth it to receive proper treatment.

Renie ♥